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At your site or within our own training premises, The Yokogawa Human Development Academy (YHDA) will offer you integrated specialization training programs and solutions to develop your technical personnel skills and competences for the following job positions:

  1. Field Instrumentation Technician Specialization
  2. Process Control Technician Specialization
  3. Analyzer Technician Specialization
  4. Process Control Engineer Specialization
  5. Panel Operator Specialization
  6. Specialization Programs (PDF)

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Increased Productivity:

E-Learning is not bound by geography or time, enabling the employees to have greater flexibility to complete their training at their own schedules, across multiple work sites.

Reduce time in achieving learning goals:

Employees don’t waste time taken out with travel and classroom breaks, learn at their own pace and focus only on the content and learning objectives.

Meeting audit and compliance goals:

E-Learning uses a Learning Management System to organize and provides an audit trails, providing full control of consistent, accurate and comprehensive learning data Flexible delivery and deployment: Available 24/7, 365 days a year with real time access to learners across the business, even in remote locations.

Freedom to fail:

Nobody likes to fail in a classroom full of people and in some cultures this is a real obstacles to learning. E-Learning lets you fail without fear and courses can be repeated and taken again.

Personalized learning:

Your teams will learn at their own individual pace. Retention levels will also be higher as your learners will progress through the courses at a pace which suits their own individual needs rather than those of the group.



Cloud based system : Accessible all around the world 24/7

Human Interface Station (HIS)

Educational Kits and Skids (PDF)

The Yokogawa Educational tools are the result of our longstanding experience in training and in Instrumentation and Process Control. We developed and fine-tuned them over the years of partnership with the Industrial and the Educational worlds. They have been utilized and validated by Training Centers, Institutes and Colleges from all over the world.

This is why they reach today a unique level of maturity.


Instrumentation and Process Training Skids

Instrumentation and Process Training Skids

Generic Dynamic simulators

Generic Dynamic simulators

Operator Training Simulators

Operator Training Simulators

3D Simulators

3D Simulators