Low Concentration (ppm) Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer OX400

This is the latest oxygen analyzer from Yokogawa, and its development was based on the company's long experience and strong track record with this technology.

A proprietary new thin-film deposition technology was used in the zirconia sensor that creates a molecular bond between the zirconia element and the platinum layer. This prevents separation, enables a reduction in sensor size and ensures a high-speed response and long life.

The OX400 can be used to control and monitor various semiconductor applications, and to control environment, air leakage into inert gas, and other processes.

  • Oxygen concentration control in semiconductor-related diffusion and drying furnaces and in LCD manufacturing processes
  • Oxygen concentration control in solder pot flow and re-flow ovens, and glove boxes used in electronics manufacturing, and in gas production processes
  • Oxygen concentration measurements to prevent dust explosions during powder transfer


  • Yokogawa's CENTUM CS 3000 DCS Monitors and Controls Operations at Poultry Litter-to-energy Plant
  • The boiler and turbine startup procedures reduces operator workload and helps to ensure a smooth and safe startup
Yokogawa Technical Report

In many industries, it is becoming increasingly important every year to measure oxygen concentrations not only to ensure product quality but also to conserve the environment and improve energy efficiency. The required measurement levels of oxygen concentration vary from less than ppm to 100% depending on the application.


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