Hydro Power

Hydropower is the most widely-used renewable source of energy and plays a major role in electricity generation in some regions. Yokogawa supplies control and instrumentation products and solutions for hydropower plants around the world.

Customer Challenge

Reliably performing remote monitoring and control of two or more hydropower plants located far apart


Yokogawa installs remote I/O modules and utilizes a fiber optic redundant ring topology to ensure reliable communications between the integrated production control system and field devices.

Enabling Technologies

STARDOM Network-based Control System

Dual redundant and low-power configurations are available for the STARDOM hybrid PLC/intelligent RTU. STARDOM supports HART, Modbus, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, and other network protocols.

FA-M3 Range-free Multi-controller

A high-performance programmable logic controller (PLC) that combines very high processing speeds with stable control features. It can be utilized to monitor and control the operation of individual wind turbines.


The FAST/TOOLS package optimizes performance for renewable energy applications. It ensures high availability and performance and supports online configuration.

CENTUM VP Integrated Production Control System

The CENTUM VP integrated control system secures interruption-free “uptime only” plant performance for optimal productivity and profitability in the renewable energy field.


  • Yokogawa supplied control, monitoring, and protection systems for plant modernization.
  • Fine engineering and Yokogawa's products made successful operation without any problem or shutdown.

Facing serious environmental problems for the whole earth, clean energy using solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, etc... to reduce CO2 emissions is an inevitable matter. Renewable energy providers need economical/reliable/efficient solutions. Yokogawa provides a reliable data acquisition system with high accuracy for measurement and control instruments.

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