Yokogawa FAST/TOOLS Liquids Pipeline Demonstration

Yokogawa presents a quick walk through of a liquids handling pipeline SCADA Host implemented in FAST/TOOLS 10.01. It features the fictitious AlbertaSouth Pipeline that includes tank farms, pump stations, block valves, metering stations, provers, pig launchers and receivers. It features applications like leak detection, batch scheduling, and strapping tables for storage tanks. Although it is a demonstration pipeline it does feature functionality that Yokogawa has deployed across the world on real pipeline SCADA Host projects.

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    Originating as the Flexible Advanced System Techniques (FAST) project, FAST/TOOLS today is a comprehensive, fully-integrated SCADA application suite. Powerful and flexible, FAST/TOOLS serves installations ranging from 50-point unit processes to multimillion-point offshore production and pipeline systems that extend over thousands of miles.

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  • The Enterprise Pipeline Management Solution (EPMS)

    EPMS provides a collection of standard applications which can be seamlessly plugged into the CI Server Integrated Operation and Monitoring system platform similar to SCADA monitoring and control applications to facilitate the management and operations of gas/liquids pipeline systems.

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