Udržitelný plán služeb péče o životní cyklus

Lifecycle Performance Care Services effectively actualizes the following requirements.

• Continuous plant operation
Plant automation systems require a high-availability environment to run a continuous 24/7/365 operation. Many plant processing units now require increasingly longer term operation without having to shut down for maintenance.

• Open, integrated, and secured plant
By adopting open technology and integration of multiple systems, plant automation systems require an interoperable and secured environment as well as increased functionality.

• Corresponding to short lifecycle of component
By adopting IT technology like computers and network devices, each component of an automation system becomes smaller, smarter and more diversified. However, its lifecycle becomes shorter and software updates occur more frequently.

In order to actualize these requirements, an effective program must move from "Reactive maintenance" to "Proactive maintenance".




At the 2015 ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida in February, Yokogawa announced a collaboration with Cisco to deliver Shell’s SecurePlant initiative, a comprehensive security management solution for plant control systems jointly developed by Cisco, Yokogawa, and Shell. This report explains how Cisco Systems and Yokogawa worked with Shell to co-develop the company’s “SecurePlant” cybersecurity solution for its control systems.


Yokogawa’s industrial automation (IA) product and service offerings, industry domain knowledge, and VigilantPlant approach – which emphasizes safe, secure, and uninterrupted operations -- provide a solid foundation for an Industrial Internet of Things that specifically addresses the requirements of process automation, particularly for the OT side of the equation. To be able to provide an equally solid foundation for the IT side, Yokogawa is partnering with Cisco Systems and other industry leaders.

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