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Achieving optimum blend property targets often proves difficult resulting in quality giveaway and/or re-processing to ensure customer expectations are met. Yokogawa has many years' experience in applying advanced process control techniques to the industries blending problems.

We now bring a complete service to resolve blend property control problems, combining consultancy services with solutions that optimize blending based on destination properties and a component property model. This service is aimed at reducing quality giveaway and minimizing the costs associated with re-processing, re-blending and blend correction.

Customer Challenge

Blending to Specification with Minimum Giveaway

Oil blending is the final step in the process of converting crude oil into finished products such as gasoline, gas oil, and fuel oil. Optimization of the blending process can have a significant impact on quality control, inventory control, throughput of the entire process, and product processing costs. Blend Property Control (BPC) improves the performance of the blending process thereby reducing inventory and property fluctuation whilst minimizing the component cost.

Customer Challenge:Oil blending
 Our Solutions:Optimizing Your Blending Systems

Our Solutions

Optimizing Your Blending Systems with Leading-Edge Technologies

Yokogawa has many years' experience in providing oil movement control and blending solutions. This focus on providing solutions ensures that we not only consider the application of advanced technologies: we also consider aspects of the solution such as integration and user friendliness. We understand that blend property control is not only a concern of APC engineers but also has an impact on the oil movement operator, and must integrate fully with existing systems and applications - such as the oil movement system, laboratory information system, analyzer system, scheduling/planning system, and business systems.

Based on this experience Yokogawa provides fully integrated Blending solutions incorporating:

  • Our market leading blend property optimization solution
  • FT-NIR (InfraSpec NR800)
  • Soteica Multi-period blending optimizer
  • Yokogawa Automation platforms (Centum VP and Stardom)

Customer Benefits

​Four Major Benefits in Optimizing Your Blending Operations

  • Minimized Blending Cost
    Yokogawa's BPC module provides the set ratio at the cheapest cost satisfying the property constraints, thereby achieving the most economical blending operation.

  • Improved Inventory Control
    As product qualities are controlled, direct ship loading from the blender becomes possible. This results in a reduction of the number of product tanks and product stock.

  • Minimized Re-blending Operation
    Improvement of blending quality can minimize reblending operations, thereby reducing losses and increasing manpower efficiency.

  • User-friendly Operation
    Blend Property Control status is shown in the Windows client with user-friendly operation guidance to support decision-making. A single window is provided using HIS (Human Information Station) of Yokogawa's     

Four Major Benefits in Optimizing Your Blending Operations
Enabling Technology:ExaSMOC/RQE

Enabling Technology


Features Include:

  • Estimation of product quality in the header and the integrated product quality in the tank
    The model-based prediction formulas estimate not only the properties of the product in the blend header (i.e., instantaneous product quality) but also the properties of the product in the tank including heel(integrated product quality)

  • Calculations of property values (FVI, cetane index, etc.)
    Handles values measured directly by analyzers but also calculates other property values internally from those values from analyzers. For instance, the FVI value can be calculated from the RVP and E70 values

  • Compatible with nonlinear property changes by using exponential computations (compatible with blending rule)
    A property that shows a nonlinear change, such as RON and viscosity can be handled with blending equation. Users can use the blending rules already contained.


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