Date: Aug 27-30, 2018
Location: Stavanger, Norway
Sede: Stavanger Harbour | Stand Hall 3, 3330
Sito Web: http://www.ons.no/

Dates:     27-30 August, 2018
Location: Stavanger, Norway
Venue:    Stavanger Forum | Stand 3330, Hall 3
Website:  www.ons.no 

Yokogawa will participate in ONS 2018 Exhibition & Conference to be held in Stavanger, Norway from 27 – 30 August. ONS has developed into a global energy meeting place connecting international suppliers, operating companies and decision makers and takes place every second year. This year’s theme is Innovate.  

Yokogawa at ONS – Drive the Smart Field for Your Sustainability

At ONS2018, Yokogawa will show how our comprehensive and innovative digital solutions help you improve and achieve a great competitive advantage. Come see us at stand 3330, to discuss your needs with our solution experts



Opening hours 
Monday 27   August 09:30 – 17:30
Tuesday 28  August 09:30 - 17:30
Wednesday 29 August 09:30 – 17:30
Thursday     30 August 09:30 – 15:00 

Stavanger Forum, Gunnar Warebergsgate 13, 4021 Stavanger


Stand 3330, Hall 3

Come see us at stand 3330, to discuss your needs with our solution experts


Industry-specific solutions based on our innovative technology

Yokogawa has long experience in taking the customer perspective to understand and address the challenges that they face. For achieving operational excellence, we deliver the industry-specific solutions based on our innovative technology.

Integrated Asset Model for a life of field
Integrated production system modeling from reservoir to processing facility is able to manage increased complexity. Life-of-Field scenario planning optimizes lifecycle CAPEX/OPEX.

Agile project execution for FPSO
Yokogawa leverages a collection of technologies, tools and processes to allow greater execution flexibility, to identify and avoid project risk during execution phase

Subsea integration
NuStar and Yokogawa's Subsea Control System unified topside process and subsea control through deploying of Yokogawa DCS integration System. The Yokogawa DCS integrated system shall reduce complexity of the project interface, installation and maintenance, resulting in cost saving.

FluidCom is fully automatic chemical injection and metering controller with integrated self-cleaning mechanism. It provides CAPEX and OPEX reduction, weight & space saving and increases accuracy & stability of chemical injection for known problems such as clogged control orifices, high maintenance frequency and manual adjustments.

Enterprise Automation Solution (EAS)
Enterprise Automation Solution (EAS) improves the operational efficiency by monitoring and controlling data on multiple different servers from one window.

Subsea HIPPS
Yokogawa’s subsea HIPPS protects the risers and downstream equipment against potential high pressure from the oil/gas well. Our logic solver is high integrity, hard wired solid type, highly flexible,  inherent fail to safe, cyber secure and no maintenance required.

Wireless Gas Detection into Safety System
Yokogawa Safety System integrates SIL2 wireless gas detectors by IEC61508 compliant safety communication protocol over ISA100 wireless infrastructure.

Topside HIPPS
Yokogawa’s topside HIPPS protects down steam equipment (e.g. separators, pipelines) against potential high pressure. Our instrumented HIPPS system is turnkey solutions from sensors, logic solver to fast acting HIPPS valves together with engineering, integrated testing, training and life cycle support.

Wireless Noise Surveillance (WiNos)
Wireless Noise Surveillance (WiNoS) Co-innovation with Equinor enables real time noise map monitoring on platform and also from onshore offices. NORSOK (NS4814) based noise maps are generated from ISA100 wireless noise sensors installed in the field. Work planning can be optimized while preventing exposure to excessive noise.

Corrosion Sensor Solution
Yokogawa’s Corrosion Sensor detects the corrosion without disturbing the flow using wireless installation for minimal infrastructure impact and maintenance.

Cyber Security
Yokogawa Plant Security solutions help customers improve industrial cyber risk resilience whilst maintaining safe and reliable operations. Yokogawa’s holistic approach to operational technology security encompasses certified secure by design products, certified personnel and organisation capability. Our Plant Security Lifecycle model supports customers in managing industrial cyber security risk throughout the life time of their plant.


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LNG Supply Chain
- LNG Liquefaction
- LNG Carrier
- LNG Regasification & Storage
Oil & Gas
- Upstream
- Offshore (FPSO FLNG & FSRU)
- Pipeline
Oil & Gas Downstream
- Refining
- Terminal
- Lube Oil


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