Long-term Trending (AutoTrend)

Exaquantum/AutoTrend provides system-wide real-time and historical long term trending that is tightly integrated to the Centum DCS to both operators and management.  The AutoTrend package allows DCS operators to open pre-configured trends right from their HIS station and provides an effective interface for configuring and managing both trends and reports.  Custom controls are available to make tasks more convenient and user experience is enhanced significantly by providing easy-to-use trend display manipulation, one-click switching between trends and report generation option for Microsoft Excel and Word.  Users can quickly create trend groups by dragging and dropping tags (data points) from the tag hierarchy tree.

DCS-integrated Trends can be overlayed or stacked for more efficient process plant data analysis.  A complete picture of production and process issues can be obtained by viewing the Alarms & Events related to the process trend data for more effective decision making.  Repeated known issues can be quickly diagnosed using predefined settings allowing operators to be more effective.


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