FluidCom™ Chemical Injection Controller

FluidCom™ chemical injection controller provides optimal performance in chemical injection with an innovative and cost saving technology. It is a fully automated, simple and reliable device equipped with autonomous valve controller, flow metering function, and self-cleaning mechanism.

  • FluidCom integrates below four functions into one module
    • Control valve
    • Actuator
    • Flowmeter
    • Controller
  • FluidCom features and benefits
    • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX
    • Reduced space and weight
    • Increased accuracy and stability
    • Real-time control and monitoring / digitization
    • Less moving parts
    • No regular maintenance required
    • Enhance HSE (*1)
    • Contribute to SDGs (*2)

    *1: HSE: Health, Safety & Environment
    *2: SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals

FluidCom Overview


The Next Generation of Chemical Injection Valve & Metering Devices

A unique integrated device for chemical injection valve and flow meter, FluidCom™.

Yokogawa TechInvent has developed a unique integrated device for chemical injection valve and flow meter, FluidCom™. It provides flow control and flow metering with one module using a unique combination of material and thermal effects.

FluidCom™ chemical injection controller is a fully automated, simple and reliable device equipped with autonomous valve controller, flow metering function, and self-cleaning mechanism.

Since FluidCom™ adopts minimal mechanical moving parts in its configuration, it provides users with an accurate, reliable chemical injection with maintenance free operation.

Introducing Chemical Injection Metering Valve, FluidCom™


Customer Benefits

1. FluidCom™ delivers tremendous chemical cost savings

  • Autonomous valve control eliminates overdosing, hence saves chemical consumption
  • Integrated thermal flow meter always monitors chemical flowrate and feedback to valve control
  • Valve control is independent from pressure and temperature fluctuations

Conventional Injection Valves


3. FluidCom™ is a maintenance free device

  • FluidCom™ adopts minimal mechanical moving parts in the configuration. Users are not required to keep any spare parts for maintenance.
  • FluidCom™ has self-cleaning mechanism in its flowline. When chemical particles hinder the flow, FluidCom™ automatically open the valve to flush the particles. Then, after the cleaning process, flow returns to normal.

2. FluidCom™ delivers tremendous labor cost savings

  • Fully automatic operation of FluidCom™ does not require technicians go to site for the adjustment of control valves or pump strokes.
  • Using an optional remote-control communication line, 4-20mA or HART, flow settings and flow readings are possible in control room.

OPEX Saving


4. FluidCom™ delivers tremendous space and weight savings

  • FluidCom™ replaces conventional flow control valve, actuator, flowmeter and controller. All the functions are packed in one module. Thus, it occupies less space and weight.
  • FluidCom™ requires only one cable, power cable 230VAC, and chemical tubing, inlet and outlet. Thus, installation can be done quick and simple.

Space and Weight Saving

Specification Summary

FluidCom™ chemical injection valve and metering controller is a fully automated, simple and reliable device equipped with integrated autonomous valve control, continuous flow metering and self-cleaning functionality.

Temperature induced viscosity changes are known to greatly affect the flow rate in conventional chemical injection control valves, resulting in unstable and inaccurate flow. Over and/or under dosing has significant economic, operational and environmental consequences, and the need for daily manual adjustment, downtime and high maintenance costs has resulted in pain for the operators for years.

With the FluidCom™ chemical injection solution, flow control is achieved by a controlled heater that causes thermal expansion in tubes for fluid flow, whereby this thermal expansion is used to choke and control the fluid flow through a unique flow control arrangement.

In the system, a thermal balance exists between the applied energy for thermal expansion in tubes (and rise of fluid temperature) and the mass of the fluid flowing. Any undesired deviations in mass flow will affect the thermal balance, and the valve will autonomously start compensating flow until the thermal balance and flow set point are re-established, independent of what caused the deviations.

This gives FluidCom™ the unique advantage to keep flow at a set point independent of variations in pressure, temperature, viscosity or specific gravity. In addition, the valve offers a self-cleaning functionality by its thermal autonomous behavior.

Mass flow metering is achieved by measuring the fluid temperature rise through the device. By knowing the controlled heat energy applied and the fluid heat capacity, the actual mass flow is continuously measured, reported and controlled.


Technical Specifications

Flow Range Standard 0.6 – 30.0 L/hour
(Extended flow range available)
Design pressure 5000 psi (345 bar)
temperature ambient
-20°C – +55°C
Material enclosure AISI 316L SS
Material wetted parts AISI 316L SS/PEEK/FFKM
(other available on request)
Power supply 230 V AC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions and
Ø219 mm x 375 mm, 19 kg
Explosion proof ATEX and IECEx
Ingress Protection IP66
Valve failure mode Closed
Interface pipe
1/4" NPT Female
(other available on request)
Communication Local Display with Push Button
4 to 20 mA DC, two-wire
transmission with HART (HART7.1)
Individual 4 to 20 mA DC
for set-point (Option)


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