FlowNavigator Flow Configuration Software (FSA120)

FlowNavigator (FSA120) is a unique software tool that helps you get the most out of the EJX910A / EJX930A Multivariable Transmitter by supporting the configuration of the discharge coefficient, primary device bore, upstream internal pipe diameter, gas expansion factor, density, and viscosity data needed to perform full compensation and dynamic calculation of the mass flow. It also helps you get the most out of the digitalYEWFLO Vortex Flowmeter for FOUNDATION fieldbus protocol by supporting AR block configuration of the density data. This powerful configuration tool has dialog windows that walk you through the entire configuration process.

FlowNavigator (FSA120) includes following two programs:

  • EJXMVTool: for EJX Multivariable Transmitter
  • DYFMVTool: for digitalYEWFLO Vortex Flowmeter

Flow Configuration Wizard
There are varieties of flow calculation modes.

  • Auto Compensation Mode (EJXMVTool), Detail (Gas / Liquid) Compensation Mode (DYFMVTool)

    FlowNavigator employs a series of dialog windows that simplify the process of configuring primary devices (Orifice, Nozzle, Venturi, Multiport Averaging Pitot and Cone meters for EJXMVTool) and fluid physical properties. With this software tool, you can be assured of getting the settings right for mass flow measurement and dynamic compensation, and making the fullest use of device's capabilities. It has the physical properties database for 125 fluids, Natural gas, steam table (for EJXMVTool) and custom fluids.

  • Basic Mode (EJXMVTool), Simple (Gas / Liquid) Compensation Mode (DYFMVTool)

    In addition to auto compensation mode, flow operation and density compensation can be performed by manually specifying flow factors such as the reference temperature, reference static pressure, and Kfactor, using known configuration information.

  • Steam Compensation Mode (DYFMVTool)

    Flow operation and density compensation can be performed by the flow factors inside digitalYEWFLO Vortex Flowmeter.

Flow Parameter Management
FlowNavigator has a variety of functions that make maximum use of valuable data that you have obtained. For example, a set of flow configuration data can be saved for downloading to a device and is also available in the CSV format, which is useful for the analysis of flow characteristics.

Device Parameter Management
The general parameters of the device can be edited or stored by Online/Offline parameter menu window in "EJX Multivariable Transmitter" / "digitalYEWFLO vortex flow meter" DTM bundled in FieldMate and PRM.

EJX Multivariable Transmitter(EJX910A/EJX930A)

Installation cost is reduced with a multi-variable transmitter. The EJX multi-variable transmitter combines three process variables in one transmitter. It removes the need to install a separate gauge pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter and flow computer. Dedicated software for configuring the flow calculation is available (FieldMate – Flow Navigator).


Customer Issues

  • Installation cost of multiple field devices is high.
  • Mass flow measurement is expensive.


Utilize EJX910A/930A + Flow Navigator

  • From one multi-variable transmitter, you can measure differential pressure, static pressure, temperature and mass flow. The total cost is greatly reduced.
  • Flow Navigator software provides a simple, user friendly method to configure the mass flow measurement.

Three in One


Utilize FieldMate

  • Flow Navigator has a step by step interface based on FDT/DTM technology. You can set the data by simply selecting the primary element, and inputting the flow rate information.
  • You can copy the configuration of one transmitter to another transmitter to help with multiple configurations.

Utilize FieldMate


EJX Multi-Variable Transmitter Outputs

① In the case of HART digital / FOUNDATION Fieldbus /Modbus, these types of outputs can transmit multi process values at the same time.

② In the case of Analog signal (4-20mA), a multiplexer can be used to convert up to three values from HART signals into 4-20mA signals. The transmitter can transmit up to four values in conjunction with the original signal.

③ In the case of ISA100(wireless), the ISA 100 adaptor can transmit up to four values from the HART signal without reconstructing an existing line.

EJX Multi-Variable Transmitter Outputs

The measurements that EJX multi-variable transmitter can transmit




Other TEMP


Total Flow *4

either H or L

Flange (/DG6)
FOUNDATION Fieldbus *2
either H or L, or both

Flange (/DG1)

Modbus *3

either H or L

- -

*1:In 4-20mA, output is one signal by one value。In HART, output is one signal by multiple value (up to four value).
*2:Number of output values is up to five.
*3:Flow, total flow, other temperature(flange)as output are not supported.
*4:Total flow is using HART or the pulse signal. 4-20mA signal is not supported. In FOUNDATION fieldbus, output is using IT function block.

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