FVX110 Fieldbus Segment Indicator

With the simple turn of a knob, the FVX110 field indicator displays data on up to 16 process values from FOUNDATION™ fieldbus devices. The easy to read LCD display with LED backlighting makes this a very user friendly instrument. In addition, PID function blocks as well as link master and software download functions are provided as standard FVX110 features.


The FVX110 Segment Indicator is compact design offers much more intelligence and functionality than a traditional indicator.


Display Features

Full dot matrix LCD with three lines display of FVX provides detailed information of the connected devices to the field operator. Standard LED backlight enables easy viewing even in low light conditions.


Scroll knob

The unique scroll knob on the side of the FVX housing allows easy switching of displayed information by manual operation.



An FVX can display up to 16 process variables from multiple FOUNDATION Fieldbus compliant instruments on a H1 segment with assured interoperability.


FVX Additional Function

FVX offers a complete suite of FOUNDATION Fieldbus compliant function blocks. It also offers Link Master (Back-up LAS) and online software download functionality as standard features.

  • Interoperability
    Field instruments that comply with the FOUNDATION fieldbus specifications are fully interoperable; no longer is there a need for custom designed software to communicate with other devices.
  • Display of up to 16 process variables
    Up to 16 process variables from multiple field instruments can be displayed, significantly reducing instrumentation costs. Furthermore, support of the FOUNDATION fieldbus digital communications protocol enables the display of signal data from third-party fieldbus compliant field devices.
  • Full dot-matrix LCD with LED back light
    The back-lit full dot-matrix LCD clearly displays text and graphics such as bar graphs, a scroll bar, and icons that indicate the page turning direction and scroll knob turning direction.
  • Link master function
    The FVX110 supports a link master function that enables backup of network management and allows local control using field devices.
  • Function blocks
    To facilitate device diagnostics, two functions blocks each are provided for the multiple analog output (MAO), arithmetic (AR), and input selector (IS), and a single function block is provided for the following: signal characterizer (SC), integrator (IT), and PID.
  • Software download
    With this function, it is possible to download updates or upgrades to the FVX110 software. Typical uses of this function are the addition of function blocks and diagnostics for existing devices.
  • Self-diagnosis
    A reliable self-diagnostic function based on the NAMUR NE107 standard detects failures in the ambient temperature limit, communications, and hardware such as the LCD and amplifier assembly.
Supply voltage 9 to 32 V DC for general use, flame proof type, Type n, or nonincendive
9 to 24 V DC for intrinsically safe type Entity model
9 to 17.5 V DC for intrinsically safe type FISCO model
Supply voltage: 9 to 32 V DC
Current draw: Steady state: 15 mA (max)
Software download state: 24 mA (max)
Ambient temperature limits -20 to 70 deg C (-4 to 158 deg F)
Ambient humidity limits 0 to 100%RH
LCD display 84 column x 32 lines full dot matrix with LED backlight
Display functions Process value, unit, tag number, bar graph, page information, scrolling direction information, scroll bar
Display scroll function Single scroll and cyclic scroll(scan mode)
Housing Low copper cast aluminum alloy, ASTM CF-8M stainless steel
Degrees of protection IP67, NEMA4X
Certificates FM, CENELEC ATEX, CSA, and IECEx
EMC conformity standard EN61326-1 Class A, Table 2 (for use in industrial locations)
Link master function Supported
Function blocks MAO×2 (30 ms, IS×2 (30 ms), AR×2 (30 ms), PID×2 (45 ms), SC×1 (30 ms), IT×1 (30 ms)
Functional specifications Functional specifications for fieldbus communications conform to the standard specifications (H1) of FOUNDATION fieldbus.

* FOUNDATION in "FOUNDATION fieldbus" and the logo mark of Fieldbus Foundation are registered trademarks of the Fieldbus Foundation.


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