Safety Requirement Specification (SRS) Service

Our Functional Safety Experts ensure that critical safety information from previous activities are correctly specified in the Safety Requirement Specifications. This step is equally important as it ensures that the SIS design can be carried out to correct specifications, taking into account all aspects of process safety relevant to the  hazards being protected against.

Customer Challenges

To ensure safety specifications consider all aspects of process safety and that the SIS is designed and engineered to correct specifications prior to plant implementation. These specifications need to be maintainable and verifiable throughout the process safety lifecycle.

Our Solution

The Safety Requirement Specification generated by Yokogawa Functional Safety Experts, is a detailed document which describes functional and safety integrity requirements for the SIFs, specifying all aspects of the Safety Instrumented System (SIS). It covers the SIS behaviour for all modes of plant operation, ensuring no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of process safety. These specifications need to be determined and documented referencing the HAZOPs, SIL Classification and SIL verification reports generated prior.

Customer Benefits

The end result is a comprehensive document that describes overall SIS requirements as well as details of each SIF’s safety and functional behaviour, ensuring that SIS Safety Requirements Specifications can be used to validate the SIS in later phases of the IEC 61511 process safety lifecycle.


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