Design and Engineering of the Safety Instrumented System

Once the Safety Requirements Specification has been produced, the next step is the design of the ProSafe Safety Instrumented System (SIS).

Customer Challenges

Determining the best in class safety organisation who can provide not only the safety services, but also the safety system to meet the process safety requirement.

Our Solution

Yokogawa is actively involved in mega-projects, from working in the client’s office carrying out Front-End Engineering Design, SIS Realisation & Testing; to site SIS Validation, delivery and completion of commissioning. We ensure worldwide technical competency of our Functional Safety Experts, through a global Yokogawa Competency Profile Management System, which gives Yokogawa the agility to build the optimum safe solution regardless of the size or location of application. Yokogawa’s user-focussed post and presales support is a key reason our clients choose us, guarantying our clients with industry leading life cycle support and long term sustainability.

Customer Benefits

Partnering with a trusted and experienced safety solution design, engineering and safety systems manufacturer. Safety outcomes are achieved with state of the art technology ensuring operational excellence.  


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