WE430 Hydrazine Analyzer

The WE430 Hydrazine Analyzer is an online continuous analyzer that uses an ion-selective electrode to measure the voltage potential between the sensing element and reference electrode. Easy to operate and calibrate, the WE430 delivers accurate and precise measurements that are repeatable and verifiable.

Hydrazine is a common oxygen scavenger. Increased concentrations of dissolved oxygen lead to faster corrosion; therefore online measurement is necessary for faster and better control or alarming.

The WE430 is ideally suited to analyzer oxygen control in feedwater, boiler water, deaerator inlet/outlet, condensate discharge, and economizer inlet. The analyzer ensures the process has a sufficient amount of oxygen scavenger without upsetting system pH and without additional expenses.

Why measure hydrazine?

About OpreX

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Process Guard - Trustworthy Measurements

The Yokogawa Hydrazine Analyzer WE430 provides stable, drift-free measurements with minimal maintenance and less frequent calibrations. Online diagnostics and hardware calibration function give operators more trust in their online analyzer.

Advanced Flexibility

The WE430 is not limited to only hydrazine as the active scavenger but can be simply modified in the electronics when any of the following are used:

  • Hydrazine (N2H4)
  • Elimin-oxTM                                     
  • Sodium sulfite Hydroquinone

Expert Guide

WE430 Hydrazine AnalyzerThe WE430 is extremely easy to use and maximizes uptime. It features simple step-by-step scrolling instructions for setup including calibration, operation, and diagnostics menus.

View measurements at a glance from any distance in even the lowest light conditions using the large operator friendly backlit display.

Reduced Maintenance

The WE430 minimizes operator time and maintenance without the use of complicated moving parts or pumps, which often require frequent attention and expensive spare part expenditures. The low level of reagents that the WE430 uses extends reagent consumption for up to two months.

Why measure hydrazine?

Hydrazine is added to water to remove dissolved oxygen and maintain feedwater alkalinity, but due to its high cost, it should be dosed depending on the dissolved oxygen levels. Doses that are smaller than the requirement may not completely remove the dissolved oxygen, while doses that exceed the required amount result in costly waste.

Hydrazine measurement is used in various applications including deaerator inlets, feed water, and economizer inlets or deaerator outlets, all of which must verify that the correct dosages are given based on the dissolved oxygen levels and to maintain alkalinity.

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Yokogawa's Wet Chemistry analyzers are used for measurement of Sodium, Silica, Hydrazine, and Phosphate, and are suitable for keeping water quality at an optimal level for steam generation.

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