SENSTATION Galvanic Isolation Box, S8000

The S8000, Galvanic Isolation Box, is for use with SENCOM Digital sensors when utilizing the Modbus RS485 communication of the sensors. The S8000 isolates both power and communication signal to prevent the ground loop currents or any interference that will disrupt the measurement. This box can be used to interface the SENCOM digital SMART sensors and the SMARTDAC+ data acquisition to provide a scalable solution. This package solution is known as SENSTATION.

SENSTATION is a package solution encompassing Data Acquisition and SMART digital SENCOM sensors. Still in many factories liquid analyzers are connected to chart recorders and paper logbooks that are being used and maintained for registration, reporting and traceability. With SENSTATION the unique capabilities of some of Yokogawa's leading products - SMART datalogger, SMARTDAC+ and the SMART digital SENCOM sensors – are combined in order to create a new solution that will improve factory efficiency and profitability by improving the traceability and reporting functionality and to simplify maintenance and calibration. Depending on the selected HMI, two to sixteen units can be monitored and connected.


Intuitive display, easy operation

  • High-precision, wide-viewing-angle color TFT LCD
  • Many types of displays such as trend, digital, bar graph, overview, alarm, and historical trend
  • The SMARTDAC+'s customized display with touchscreen and swipe will allow for a detailed real-time overview of all sensors that are connected. Remotely from behind your PC, laptop, tablet or even phone all data can be reviewed and even email warnings can be received from the individual measurements if there is an error or call for maintenance.
  • Spares can be limited to only the pH sensors and the
  • SMARTDAC+ recorder, instead of several different types of analyzers, decreasing costs.
  • No need for sensor configuration at the transmitter, pre-configure in the lab for auto upload.

 Reliable design and construction

  • GX: Front panel mounting, protection complies with IEC529-IP65
  • SENCOM Sensors:
    • Reliable K8S connector (IP67) for installations in heavy industrial environment
    • Reliable transfer of digital signals without disturbance of external sources
    • CE compliant; IECEx, ATEX, FM, CSA, TIIS compliant (pending)

 Reliable data storage

  • Large internal memory 400MB (on FX1000) or 500MB (on GX10/GX20)
  • CF card up to 2GB (option on FX1000) or SD card up to 32GB (option on GX10/GX20)

 Automatic reporting and SENCOM digital pH sensors that can be calibrated in the laboratory

  • Exportable reports to Excel, pdf, csv

 SPS24 Data Management (software tool)

  • Predictive calibration/maintenance/replacement using advanced sensor diagnostics
  • Simple database management system for tracking up to 100 different serial numbers
  • Simple maintenance by replacement of "precalibrated" sensors
  • Monitor sensor aging in real-time with the Sensor Wellness feature
  • Reference impedance measurement for early detection of diaphragm clogging


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