Absolute Pressure

Absolute pressure (AP) transmitter measure relative to perfect (full) vacuum pressure (absolute zero pressure); therefore, AP transmitters are not affected by fluctuations in the local atmospheric pressure. All absolute pressure measurements are positive. The letter ‘a’ or the abbreviation ‘abs’ in the unit of measure (i.e., inH₂O(abs) or psia) indicates an absolute pressure measurement.

Example Industrial Applications: Any critical storage and delivery application (i.e., toxic gases) Because atmospheric conditions can fluctuate, it is imperative that these systems be accurate and use a reference that is static.  

Yokogawa absolute pressure transmitters use digital DPharp sensor technology to get accurate, reliable readings to you quickly.

Which Series is Right for You?

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Which Series is Right for You?

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  EJA-E Series EJX-A Series
EJA-E Series EJX-A Series
± 0.04%
± 0.055%  
± 0.075%  
± 0.10%  
± 0.2% of URL per 15 years  
± 0.2% of URL per 10 years  
Response Time
90 msec
In-line Mount
FMEDA Report
IEC 61508 Certified (SIL 2)
Specification Conformance


Application Note

DP Level transmitter configuration can be very time consuming. Yokogawa DPharp EJA/EJX Pressure transmitters realize reduction in man hours by smart level setup feature.


Yokogawa DPharp EJA/EJX Pressure transmitters do not need frequent re-zeroing due to superior long term stability, it contributes to reduce maintenance time.


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