Sustainability Reports

The Yokogawa Sustainability Report discloses the annual results of major social and environmental activities, as well as introducing our efforts and progress toward achieving the Three goals.

2021 Yokogawa Sustainability Report (Latest version)

Yokogawa Group Sustainability Report 2021


  • Introduction
    Yokogawa Business Overview
    Global Business Expansion
    Yokogawa in Topics
    Promoting Partnerships
  • Our Goals
    Message from the President
    Sustainability Goals
  • Our Stories
    Achieving carbon neutrality
    Improving efficiency in society & industry
    Optimizing plant lifecycle & protecting environment
    Improving health & safety
    Creating a resource-recycling ecosystem
    Creating workplaces where people can fulfill their potential
    Community Engagement
  • Human Resources
    Improvement of Employee Engagement
    Diversity and Inclusion
    Human Resources Development
    A Safe and Comfortable Work Environment
    Respect for Human Rights
  • Environment
    Environmental Management
    Environmental Practices
    Environmental Initiatives at Business Facilities
  • Governance
    Sustainability Governance
    Risk Management
    Climate Risks and Opportunities (Response to TCFD)
    Code of Conduct and Compliance
    Supply Chain Management
    Information Security
    Quality Assurance
  • Information
    Mid-Term Sustainability Targets Review
    Sustainability Data
    Third-Party Assurance
    Company Overview

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