Sustainability Reports

2020 Yokogawa Sustainability Report (Latest version)

Yokogawa Group Sustainability Report 2019


  • Introduction
    Yokogawa at a Glance
    News and External Ratings in FY2019
    Message from the President
    Sustainability Initiatives
  • Sustainability Stories
    Renewable Energy and Energy Management
    Improvement of Productivity Leveraging Digital Technologies
    Improvement of Safety Through Remote Monitoring
    Making Safe Drinking Water Available
    Innovation in Cell Research
    Response to COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Sustainability Management
    Roadmap to Achieving the Sustainability Goals
    Progress Towards the Sustainability Goals in FY2019
    Sustainability Governance
    Risk Management
    Code of Conduct and Compliance
    Climate Risks and Opportunities (Response to TCFD)
    Community Engagement
  • Human Resources Management
    Improvement of Employee Engagement
    Diversity and Inclusion
    Human Resources Development
    A Safe and Comfortable Work Environment
  • Environmental Management
    Environmental Management
    Environmental Practices
    Environmental Initiatives at Business Facilities
  • Responsibility in Value Chain
    Respect for Human Rights
    Supply Chain Management
    Information Security
    Quality Assurance
  • Data/Company Profile
    Sustainability Data
    Third-party Verification
    Company Profile

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