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Yokogawa has been providing cutting-edge “mother tools” in the fields of measurement, control, and information for more than 100 years. Leveraging the corporate culture, experience, and technology cultivated during this history gives us a major advantage in equipment solutions; we can provide comprehensive information systems, controllers, sensors, and measuring instruments that support semiconductor equipment as mother tools. 

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Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

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Centralized control to Distributed Control to reduce takt time thanks to e-RT3 Plus


Customer’s problem

1. Customization of chambers is difficult because of complex design with one PC configuration. 
    Design matched each end-user’s application is not possible.
2. With one PC, real-time control does no work properly if the number of chambers increases.
    (Delay happens at concurrent control)

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1. Reduce the load of PC by installing edge controller in each chambers
2. Realize real-time control by multiple e-RT3s
3. Stable supply

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