Yokogawa provides proven and highly reliable data acquisition and control solutions for the nuclear power industry. Nuclear_IndustryWorking with the Control and Instrumentation Nuclear Industries Forum (CINIF) in the United Kingdom, a selection of Yokogawa products have been assessed and approved through the EMPHASIS assessment framework for determining the suitability of devices in nuclear industries.

Additionally, Yokogawa programmable Safety Instrumented System (SIS) ProSafe-RS has been assessed against the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), Nuclear Safety Technical Assessment Guide for Safety Systems and deemed suitable for use up to Class 2 System Class.

Yokogawa offers integrated systems for monitoring, control, recording, and nuclear test applications. Thanks to their high reliability and availability, Yokogawa products and services are used in nuclear facilities worldwide.

Nuclear Industry Challenges

With ageing nuclear power plants, nuclear utility operators face obsolescence issues with instrumentation, control and safety equipment. Furthermore, ageing nuclear power plants that receive operating licenses must upgrade existing analogue devices and systems to digital technologies. Needless to say, nuclear utility operators are looking for cost-effective instrumentation, control and safety solutions to ensure their facilities are safe and secure. As a result, migration to smart digital instrumentation, control and safety systems open up new possibilities to support operation and maintenance activities in nuclear facilities.

Nuclear Lifecycle Support

Yokogawa offers complete lifecycle support services for the Nuclear Industry in the UK. Our operations team nuclear experience includes the design, build, maintenance, modification and related operating plant support services for control, safety and instrumentation packages across Nuclear facilities.

Yokogawa UK offers services across the entire lifecycle of a Nuclear facility.

Yokogawa designs an effective Lifecycle Plan for a facility that maintains a balance between availability and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

We focus on designing long-term preventive maintenance, security countermeasures and system upgrades. This plan provides optimal service solutions to maintain, protect, analyse, and modernise instrumentation and systems at optimal cost and timing.

Yokogawa Nuclear Solutions


ProSafe is Yokogawa's IEC61508 and ANSI/ISA 84 compliant safety system. It has been used in over 2,400 projects, ranging from large scale integratedProSafe process automation projects to stand-alone solutions. Yokogawa's ProSafe-RS safety systems are built with competence, life cycle support and long term sustainability.

ProSafe safety instrumented system helps prevent accidents by detecting abnormal conditions in plant operations and initiating emergency actions such as a plant shutdown. Yokogawa's safety instrumented system is EMPHASIS assessed to Safety Integrity (SIL) level 2 and is available for nuclear installations. It is offered in two versions; the solid-state, hard-wired ProSafe-SLS, and ProSafe-RS, a programmable-type SIS.

Data Acquisition

Data_Acquisition_RecordersPanel mount recorders are fully integrated data acquisition and display stations with secure, built-in data storage and network connectivity. Panel-mount solutions integrate the data acquisition equipment into a control panel.

Nuclear customers worldwide count on the renowned reliability of the DAQSTATION. Industry-accepted and used for control rooms and other plant applications, there are models and options to fit every need. Standard features on all models include universal analogue inputs, high capacity data storage, and Ethernet communications. Yokogawa's data recorders are EMPHASIS assessed to SIL level 1.

pH & Conductivity Analysers

The FLXA402 offers multiple connection possibilities, eliminating the need for multiple analysers and providing greater flexibility. This four-wire analyserFLXA_Analysers includes a colour HMI and an easy touchscreen operation with a simple menu structure in 9 languages for simple and efficient setup and configuration.

With its modular design, the FLXA402 analyser offers a range of measurement choices with the respective sensor module, including pH/ORP, resistivity/conductivity (SC), inductive conductivity (ISC), per cent concentration, dissolved oxygen (DO), and 4-20mA input. Dual sensor measurements offer additional functionalities, such as a calculated data function that can be customised.

Yokogawa's pH and conductivity analysers are EMPHASIS assessed to SIL level 2.


ControllersOffering extreme reliability and sophisticated control functions, the Yokogawa UT35A and UT32A controllers are the ideal choice for many control room and main plant control applications. Both models have bright, easy-to-read displays, multiple analogue inputs, and powerful control functions.

The UT35A can be specified for many commercial applications where reliable, economical control is required in a compact ¼ DIN package. Applications include HVAC, temperature, level, sequence control and more. The included PID control and ladder logic functions use proprietary Yokogawa fuzzy logic technology to achieve highly accurate control.

The UTAdvanced controller and indicator range are assessed to SIL level 1.


RAMC Flow MeterFlowmeters_RAMC

The short-tube Rotameter is used for the measurement of flow rates of liquids and gases. Its special application is in turbulent, opaque or aggressive fluids. The instrument is mounted in a vertical pipeline with a flow direction upwards. Inside the special-shaped conical metal tube, a float is guided concentrically. The position of this float is magnetically transmitted to the indicator. The indicators are exchangeable without influencing the accuracy.

RAKD Flowmeter

Flowmeter_RAKDThe small metal Rotameter RAKD differentiates itself from other comparable variable area meters by means of light and guided float design offering the smallest measurable flow ranges in the market. RAKD meters can be fitted with a fine control valve and are designed with horizontal process connections.

An integrated flow controller based on the differential pressure principle, which allows a constant flow rate to be maintained regardless of any variations in process pressure, is just one of the many different options available. The RAKD with either standard or fail-safe limit switches is suitable for safety applications and has been assessed to SIL level 1.

The RAKD Rotameter combines several benefits of the float principle: a robust design, reliable measurements, independence of the electrical power supply when operated as mechanical pointer instruments and an electrical output signal. They are moreover easy to install and require no maintenance. The RAMC and RAKD are packaged in stainless-steel housing and have a long service life under the harshest industrial conditions.

Differential Pressure Transmitters

The EJX series is the world's first series of differential pressure transmitters that can measure both differential and static pressures with just one sensor and provide pressure readings and outputs. The silicon resonant sensor used for the EJX series is stable because of its operating principle.

Long term, accurate and stable measurement in real-world conditions is fundamental to realise reliable and efficient plant operation. Transmitters in the field are subjected to continuous variations of ambient and process temperature, static and overpressure conditions affecting the accuracy. Long term stability of the transmitter is a measure of performance drift and is dependent on the sensor technology. Total accuracy and long-term stability determine the recalibration interval for the devices according to the acceptable performance level. The EJX range of transmitters is EMPHASIS assessed to SIL Level 2.



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