Gracias a su alta confiabilidad y disponibilidad, los productos y servicios Yokogawa se utilizan en las instalaciones nucleares en todo el mundo.


Customer Challenge

Reliably performing the remote monitoring of nuclear facilities


Yokogawa supplies products with high accuracy to nuclear facilities.

Enabling Technologies

Data Loggers/Recorders

Paperless Videographic Recorders
PC-based and Stand-alone Data Acquisition Equipment
Single loop and Highly Scalable Programmable Logic Controllers

Liquid Analyzers

The FLXA21 is a next-generation modular liquid analyzer that can be flexibly configured to measure pH/ORP, contacting conductivity, inductive conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. The FLXA21 also supports the installation of up to two sensors of the same type, thereby reducing installation costs and saving space.

EJX/EJA Series Pressure Transmitters/Differential Pressure Transmitters

DPharp series digital pressure transmitters use a differential pressure high accuracy resonance pressure (DPharp) sensor that represents one of the most revolutionary advances in transmitter technology.



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