Operator Training Simulator


Operator Training Simulator

OTS (Operator Training System) provides a virtual plant on your computer,  allowing plant operators to train in plant operations ahead of plant start-up and throughout plant lifecycle. Including process plant operator training and chemical plant operator training, OTS enables the plant operators to gain experience in an off-line, non-intrusive environment without any damage on the actual plant, for both inexperienced and experienced plant operators.

Customer Challenge

When Process Knowledge is Lost or Forgotten, Potentials for Disaster Increase

About 90%-95% of plant accidents are due to human factors. Human performance and reliability can be affected by many things such as age, state of mind, physical health, attitude, emotions, propensity for common mistakes, errors, cognitive biases - and lack of experience.

Facing the challenge of many plant operators retiring - especially those who are familiar with efficient and safe operations - the early training of rookie operators and successful knowledge transfer, from more experienced operators, has become an important issue. We must ensure that inexperienced operators do not lead to inefficient operations and potential disasters.

Safe and efficient operations must be continuous; refreshing the skills of experienced operators is also necessary - increasing process knowledge and confidence prevents the occurrence of a disaster, improves productivity, and efficiency.

Operator Training Simulator
Operator Training Simulator

Our Solutions


With more than 200 systems in Oil and Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical and Power industries distributed worldwide, OmegaLand high fidelity OTS is one of the leading OTS solution in such industries.

The OmegaLand high fidelity OTS reproduces actual plant behaviors, accurately giving you the ability to provide realistic operations training. The identical DCS, SIS, and graphical user interface gives you the ability to provide a realistic operation training environment. High fidelity plant models built for OTSs are able to be leveraged to other purposes throughout the plant lifecycle.

MIRROR PLANT is a solution based on OmegaLand technology and is able to leverage OTS models for the operation phase. As MIRROR PLANT constantly synchronizes with the plant control system, it is able to predict plant internal states and plant responses, contributing to optimized plant operations.

Customer Benefits

Benefits of OmegaLand OTS:

  • Training on a virtual plant which has an identical look and feel, reproducing realistic plant behaviors with identical DCS and SIS operational environments

  • Gaining plant start-up, shut-down and normal plant operations

  • Acquiring how to respond against equipment malfunctions and other emergency situations (early recognition, avoidance, and corrective action)

  • Capturing and transferring plant operation knowledge among plant operators

  • Increasing process knowledge and confidence in operators (experienced and inexperienced) for better plant operations

  • Ability to leverage OTS assets over the plant lifecycle, from the design phase to the operation phase. The OTS assets can contribute to reduce design time and cost, evaluate and improve control strategy, and improve productivity and efficiency

Operator Training Simulator



Descripción General:
  • Operator training system for the critical LNG processes had been built to reduce human errors and achieve operational excellence.
  • The high fidelity modeling of LNG liquefaction process closely matches the behavior and operational environment of the actual plant.
Descripción General:

Operator Training Simulator helps improve human reliability in a young plant of PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer.

PVCFC and Yokogawa implemented OTS for third-party control and safety system as a team.

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