CEMS Integration

What is a CEMS System (Continuous Emission Monitoring)?

Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) are used as a tool to ensure compliance with state and federal emission regulations. The EPA and other federal and international environmental agencies require strict monitoring, measuring and recording of sulfur and other gasses. Yokogawa's CEMS integration services ensure you meet the monitoring and reporting requirements. 

Applications of CEMS

Proper design of on-line analysis systems for environmental compliance is critical for providing the mandated data as well as minimizing long-term operational costs. With decades of experience in analytical systems design, Measurementation is the ideal partner for assisting your plant in meeting these requirements.

Reliable and cost effective CEM systems are available to measure a wide range of components. Depending on the site requirements, the CEM system can measure, NOX , SO2, CO2, CO, CH4, HCl or O2 in the sample gas. Whether the application is a basic stack gas analysis or a harsh application like industrial incinerators, designs are available to meet the mandated measurements.

Our CEMS Analyzers and Services

The delivery of the analytical system is only the beginning of our commitment to you for the analytical products we offer. Professional installation, start-up and commissioning as well as training on the proper operation and maintenance of the analyzers are available to ensure the long-term reliable performance of your analytical system. Yokogawa Corporation has the experience and resources to work with you during all phases of the field installation and commissioning.


  • On-site survey/consulting/front end engineering
  • Preparation of analyzer system engineering specification
  • Complete analyzer system engineering and design
  • CAD drafting
  • Building process analyzer systems using any type or make of process analyzer
  • Design and fabrication of process analyzer systems, including sample systems, racks, panels and air-conditioned analyzer houses
  • Design and fabrication of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) to meet EPA 40CFR60 and SCAQMD RECLAIM Regulations
  • Quality of construction judged by many users to be the best available (references on request)
  • Offer field consulting, start-up, commissioning, maintenance and repair services on demand or by contract
  • Offer in-house and on-site training courses in basic science and process analyzer maintenance
  • Offer full parts support for all process analyzer systems needs
  • Factory acceptance test for all analyzer systems, full calibration and stability testing available
  • Global export packaging
  • Coordination of shipments to job site
  • ISO 9000 certified

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