FEED (Front End Engineering and Design)

What is Front End Engineering and Design?

Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) plays a critical part in the pre-project planning process of a new project or plant upgrade. The FEED study serves as a conceptual design phase of a project, aiming to streamline project management by identifying opportunities for maximizing efficiency during project execution.

Yokogawa offers FEED studies in which our analytical engineering experts work directly with the customer to identify opportunities for minimizing costs and enhancing efficiency during project execution. We provide pre-FEED engineering project planning guidance that includes hands-on support and comprehensive expertise to help create for clients a conceptual outline of their project, including a review of the most effective technology available and the expected time and costs associated with project execution.

Yokogawa FEED studies deliver:

  • Comprehensive review of client specifications
  • Clear definition of project scope
  • Evaluation of the most effective current technologies
  • Conceptual design sketches and drawings
  • Budgetary cost analysis

Industrial Applications of Front End Engineering and Design

  • Automation and manufacturing
  • Process industry
  • Chemical processing
  • Construction
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Refining and petrochemicals


Benefits of Front End Engineering and Design

Project Risk Reduction

Yokogawa's FEED studies streamline pre-project planning to evaluate the best technology for your project by defining a clear scope of project needs. Our analytical experts work with you to identify the best solutions for their project and define a schedule to keep project time and costs on track.

Lower Project Costs

Our FEED studies provide better project specifications, which helps to reduce scope-creep and change-orders. This makes for a better optimized and longer-lasting system, resulting in a superior long-term solution and lower total cost of ownership.

More Owner Influence

Our FEED studies nurture team collaboration by ensuring clear communication between project owners and our analytical engineering experts. By getting owners involved early-on in defining project needs, clear project specifications are developed up-front, and more closely reflect the owner’s original intent.

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