Licuefacción del LNG

66 transportistas utilizan el DCS de Yokogawa.

La experiencia industrial de Yokogawa ofrece soluciones únicas para satisfacer las necesidades de la industria marina. Durante varias décadas, Yokogawa ha entregado Sistemas Integrados de Automatización (IAS) a  gran un número de transportadores de GNL en todo el mundo. La asociación a largo plazo con Yokogawa proporciona el mayor valor total de la inversión, con soporte del ciclo de vida del sistema completo.


Customer Challenge

The dual fuel 2-stroke low-speed engine utilizes a high-pressure fuel gas supply system (FGSS). There are many variations of the FGSS processes that consist of the HP compressor, HP pump, reliquefaction, etc.

Our Solutions

The dynamic simulator enables validation of the plant design, control philosophy and operational concept of multiple combinations and cases.

Customer Benefits

This approach is useful for reducing the potential risks of a new process at an early stage of the project.

Enabling Technology

OmegaLand is the general term for integrated environments for dynamic simulators.

OmegaLand consists of functional modules to meet a large variety of applications at different departments of many industries. The dynamic simulation environment of OmegaLand will improve the efficiency of your system at less cost by combining modules to meet your needs.



Steam Turbine

The steam turbine provides propulsion for utilizing the BOG to run the carrier. BOG is spent for boiler fuel, and the steam from the boiler is used to rotate the turbine. The power of the turbine is conveyed to the propeller.

IAS integrates boiler control, gas management, compressor control, power management, etc., using a sophisticated control philosophy.

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Dual Fuel Diesel Electric Propulsion

DFDE stands for dual fuel diesel electric propulsion.  The propulsion system consists of several generator engines and electrical propulsion motors. Normally, generator engines burn only oil as fuel; however, the DFDE generator engines can burn both oil and gas. The gas or oil is supplied to the generator engine and the propulsion motor is driven by electrical power generated by the generator engine. Then, the power of the propulsion motor is conveyed to the propeller.

IAS integrates gas management, compressor control, power management, etc., using a sophisticated control philosophy.

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Dual Fuel 2-Stroke Low-Speed Engine

In a 2-stroke low-speed engine, the main shaft is directly connected to the engine and the shaft speed is low. Therefore, the propulsion system has higher power, higher efficiency and higher reliability.  The 2-stroke low-speed engine can only burn oil as fuel; however, the dual fuel 2-stroke low-speed engine is able to use gas as fuel in addition to oil.

IAS integrates fuel gas supply system and reliquefaction control, etc., using a sophisticated control philosophy.

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  • El CENTUM CS 3000 garantiza una operación segura y confiable de uno de los transportistas más avanzados del mundo de LNG.
  • Yokogawa ha instalado con éxito un sistema de automatización de control integrado CENTUM CS 3000 (ICAS).
  • MISC could be ensured of better information visibility, performance foresight, and operational agility.
  • Yokogawa CS 3000 system has proven in both the Tenaga and the Seri Class LNG carriers that their hardware is very reliable with very less problem.
Documentación Técnica

Over the past decade, companies have been using unconventional drilling technology to extract gas and liquid from the readily available shale formations in North America. As the industry gains experience, the production rates continue to rise based on better use of technology to locate resources and to decrease the time from exploration to production.

Documentación Técnica

As LNG moves from a niche to a major area of the oil and gas industry, experienced suppliers are required to deliver the technologies that support it. 

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