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Capturing the unprecedented opportunities of technology ecosystems depends on your capacity to become future-ready and align processes, technology, and people. With a deep understanding of our customers’ businesses, Yokogawa supports your digital transformation journey toward sustainable, smart, and autonomous operations with things like Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) assessments.

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Industrial Automation to Industrial Autonomy (IA2IA)


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Yokogawa supports your digital transformation journey toward sustainable, smart, and autonomous operations. Yokogawa provides end-to-end solutions towards industrial autonomy and operational excellence covering the entire value chain of supply, feedstock sourcing, and product delivery. In addition, Yokogawa offers facility lifecycle planning, design, construction, commissioning, and startup to production/manufacturing and maintenance.

  • Operations Management
  • Production Optimization
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Plant Asset Management
  • SDGs, Energy Management & Optimization

In manufacturing industries, major potential benefits of DX are increased profitability, reduced costs, and higher productivity. According to research conducted by McKinsey & Co., the estimated effects are as follows:

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Set a Course for Better Experiences

Every company is unique in how it operationalizes its’ business strategy and so too will be the desired approaches. Yokogawa prioritizes co-creating value to develop long-term partnership solutions that meet or exceed business and sustainable development goals. Yokogawa brings leadership experience in operations, process, and technology consulting and services. 

  • We understand that every company is unique
  • Our engagement model starts with understanding your goals
  • We identify challenges, financial impacts, and complexity
  • We offer a design-driven approach to processes, people, and technologies.
  • Quick wins are developed to accelerate implementation
  • We adopt cloud, AI, wireless sensors, robotics, and IT/OT integration
  • We continuously fine-tune delivering value through digitalization

No matter where you are on your journey to industrial automation, we’ll help you get there with more insights, reliability, and enablement.

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  • Yokogawa Cloud

    Yokogawa Cloud is a digital innovation platform to accelerate the development and deployment of industrial cloud applications. Yokogawa engineers platform applications and solutions on behalf of customers. It supports the ingestion, processing, and curation of data from various sources, provides industry-specific algorithms and models and integrates across applications to support insightful decision-making and higher levels of automation.

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  • Digital Twin

    A digital twin is the key to effective decision making, providing deeper analytics technology and strategies to maximize profitability.

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  • Digital Transformation Consulting

    DX Consulting provides advice and support with its global industry experience and vast technical expertise stemming from Yokogawa’s trusted digital technology and KBC’s years of improvement consulting. 

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What is Digital Transformation?

Applying digital technologies can empower people, optimize processes, and automate organizations' systems for business performance improvements as a business strategy. Technologies include cloud, artificial intelligence, wireless sensors, robotics, industrial automation and IT/OT integration.

Industrial Applications of Digital Transformation and Industrial IoT Solutions:

  • Operations Optimization
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Health and Safety
  • Human Productivity

Scope of Smart Manufacturing Solutions:

  • Production
  • Manufacturing

Benefits of a Digital Transformation:

Yokogawa designs Digital Transformation (DX) around your current and prospective business processes, human element, and tech. Digitization and industrial IoT services are necessities in the present and future of operations.




Digital transformation is the novel use of digital technology to accelerate your company's business strategy.

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