Automated Testing System

Designed based on Yokogawa’s extensive manufacturing experience, our Automated Testing System provides a ready-to-install solution that is easy to operate with data available to use right away. Available as a complete turnkey solution or fitted to your existing system, managing multiple test routines is made simple to accommodate a range of products, helping improve your bottom line and quality control.

Complete Turnkey Control Solution

Systems can be designed and built to customer-specific applications and requirements. The system arrives pre-configured, programmed and ready to run. Installation is simple: mount the enclosure, land the field wiring, apply power, and run.

Features & Benefits

Non PC-based control system

  • PLC controlled with a data acquisition recorder
  • Requires no constant software upgrades, no license renewals
  • No hardware conflicts and is not susceptible to viruses
  • No custom software is used

Ease of use for operators

  • Intuitive, easy-to-read screens
  • Operators can quickly learn how to operate the system through quick and simple navigation

Data recording for all test readings

  • Recording is active during program testing runs
  • All required data is stored internally in the recording unit on industry standard media
  • Data files can be automatically FTP’d to a server or other PC for analysis, report generation and archive

Easy to load testing routines for multiple products

  • Allows development and management of multiple product testing routines
  • Test routines can be created and saved on a separate server, then loaded into the testing system remotely

Data availability

  • Web server functions allow real-time monitoring of measured data via the network
  • Automatic generation of Trend of Tabular data
  • Off-the-shelf data conversion software creates quality reports and works with Excel and other commercially available spreadsheet programs


  • Expandable from single station to multiple independent test stations without having to upgrade the base system


Control Screen


Control Screen

Control Screen


Report Screen



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