Process Data Analytics

Secure Product Quality Targets with Powerful Analytics

Process Data Analytics is an application program that can detect a decline in quality or productivity at an early stage of the manufacturing process by analyzing process data, facility status information, operation history, and other data. Used in combination with Yokogawa's analytical services, this software is a quality stabilization solution that can help companies stabilize and continuously improve the quality of their products.


While working to quickly respond to a diverse array of market needs, manufacturers face a growing need to stabilize the quality of the products coming off their production lines. Product quality is affected by factors such as fluctuations in the quality of raw materials and the aging of manufacturing facilities. Even when the raw materials supplied by different contractors vary in composition, the need to ensure high quality in the final product remains unchanged. To improve quality in each production process and thereby improve the quality of their final products, manufacturers must analyze various types of data. The effectiveness of such analysis has largely depended on the knowledge and expertise of the workers at each production site.


Uncover insights from production operations

Process Data Analytics will run on Windows® PCs and will analyze production operations using temperature, pressure, flow rate, liquid level, and other process data as well as data on facility operations and equipment maintenance collected by a plant information management system (PIMS), DCS, or PLC. While data from such systems must normally be converted to CSV format for use in another program, data from Yokogawa's Exaquantum plant information management system can be used as is, without the need for file conversion.

Achieve high speed and accuracy with proven technique

Process Data Analytics will use the MT method*1 for the analysis of multiple statistical variables. This pattern-recognition technology is licensed from AngleTry Associates, a consulting and MT systems development company that has sold over 500 licenses for pattern-recognition and other technologies mainly in Japan. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has chosen AngleTry's technology for the autonomous inspection of its Epsilon rocket. The software will compare the collected data and accurately detect deviations from normal conditions. Any deviation will trigger a warning that quality may have deteriorated.

Customize for complex analysis
This software supports MATLAB®*2, the widely used numerical analysis tool from MathWorks®. Custom MATLAB calculations can be integrated within the Process Data Analytics software to ensure the leveraging of unique business and domain knowledge.

Key Benefits:

Early detection of abnormalities in production processes
By detecting changes in production process data, this software can spot quality and productivity issues at an early stage of the manufacturing process. Based on this information, measures can then be taken to bring production operations back to a normal condition and recover quality.

Fail-proof quality inspection
By detecting changes in the data from production processes, this software can detect any sign of deteriorating quality and thereby catch any fault that might be overlooked in a conventional pre-shipment inspection. This can help quality assurance departments improve their quality inspection process.

Track Record: 

Yokogawa began offering a process data analytical service to its customers in 2008. To date, more than 100 contracts for this service have been concluded with companies in Japan's chemical industry and other industry sectors, and these companies have come to rely on this service. The software has been developed with insights that Yokogawa engineers gained by providing this service to their customers. 


Oil, petrochemical, chemical, pulp and paper, iron and steel, pharmaceutical, food, automobile, glass, rubber, electrical equipment/electronics, and other industries



Descripción General:
  • Sumitomo Seika achieved the quality stabilization by cross-department project.
  • The fusion of process knowledge and data analysis technology was a key to the success.
Descripción General:

MGC Mizushima Plant selected Yokogawa's PDA to achieve one of its improvement activities.
MGC has successfully stabilized the process and reduced the operator work load.

Descripción General:

Honshu Chemical has successfully improved product quality by process data analysis.
On-site capabilities were further strengthened by sharing each other's knowledge in the project.

Descripción General:

Kuraray Engineering provides IoT big data analysis solution in collaboration with Yokogawa.
Collaborative process data analysis achieved a high level of quality stabilization at a customer site.

Descripción General:

Osaka Gas Chemicals selected Yokogawa to solve long-standing problem at carbon fiber manufacturing process.

Osaka Gas Chemicals established unique problem-solving method using Yokogawa's process data analytics solution.

Descripción General:

Yokogawa has a long history of co-innovation in process control and safety.  Combined with recent strategic know-how and IP-rich acquisitions, the company can now apply its deep domain expertise to create a differentiated offering in the industrial automation space. From analog or manual data being digitized to the complete digitalization and improvement of work process, with recently-acquired KBC, Yokogawa is helping industrial organizations transform their businesses to help meet both current and future challenges.


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