Advanced Operating Graphics

Plant Safety and Productivity Improvements Realized by Mental Model Based PCS Graphics

Yokogawa provides a full range of HMI design consulting capabilities to assist understanding of the current situation compared to industry standards (ISA101) and peer performance; combined with our experience to drive improvement within production facilities.

Based on our proven performance, knowledge, and experience, we offer consulting services for graphic design of process control system to improve productivity, safety, and the work condition of your plants.

Customer Challenge

Developing An Effective HMI to Mitigate Risk

Safe and efficient operations rely on operations staff being able to quickly identify potential process deviations before the situation reaches an unsafe or undesirable production condition.

Based on the experience and research at Yokogawa we have identified that the root cause of this is not just in operator training; but it revolves around having an operations environment that is aligned with the operators mental model and work processes.

Our Solutions

Combining Industrial Design and Operations Knowledge

Yokogawa clearly understands customers’ challenges and has developed significant expertise in operations HMI development. Based on this existing expertise Yokogawa has developed a standardized method for development of site specific HMI design guidelines and a collection of template graphic objects and standards that we are now offering globally.

Advanced Operating Graphics (AOG) is a consulting service provided by Yokogawa to redesign PCS graphics based on human factors engineering and Operations engineering. It is this combination production operations and human factors that ensures that the resulting design brings together the physical production process with the way operators visualise this in their mind.

As a result AOG provides intuitive situation awareness through ergonomic design, primarily focused on layout and design based on operating environment in compliance with ISA101; whilst providing efficient decision making by capturing operational know-how from experienced operators.

Key Features

  • Operator Mental Modelling to understand how operators perceive the process
  • Ergonomically designed graphics provided by a team of human factors engineers.
  • Operational, task-based graphics provided by operations engineers.
  • Safety and Productivity KPI (Key Performance Indicator) graphics.
  • Full compliance with ISA101 standards

Customer Benefits

Reduce Operator Workload and Mental Fatigue, Allowing Time and Energy to be Focused on High-Level Plant Operations

INPEX Corporation (INPEX) is Japan's biggest oil and gas development company and is involved in all aspects of this business, from research to exploration, production, and sales. Redesign of user interface dramatically improved operations at the companies plant in Niigata. The company enjoyed the following major benefits:

  • Shortened operation monitoring cycle
  • Timely identification of abnormal conditions
  • Fewer operator errors
  • Reduced operator workload / eye fatigue
  • Improved transfer of skills and expertise
  • Increased motivation to improve operations

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El número de incidentes que involucraron el intento de acceso no autorizado a los sistemas informáticos a través de Internet, según informó el CERT (Equipo de Respuesta a Emergencias por Computadora), fue de 137,539 en el 2003. Las estadísticas muestran un aumento exponencial en el número de incidentes reportados en los últimos cinco años. Aunque esto puede explicarse en parte por el aumento en el número de sistemas informáticos en el mundo que están conectados a Internet, es sin embargo un hecho alarmante.


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Dr. Maurice Wilkins - executive advisor at Yokogawa speaks with Alastair Greener from the Business Reporter at the Daily Telegraph and shares his thoughts on Process plant operators, automation and how they need to work together in a crisis.

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