Limit Controllers

1/16 DIN and 1/4 DIN sized Limit Controllers are FM approved, and configurable either as High or Low limit controller, and universal input, timer for exceeded duration.

  • UT35A-L

    The UT35A-L is a Limit Control Type Digital Indicating Controller that can be configured either as a high limit or as a low limit controller by a user. The UT35A-L complies with FM approval. The UT35A-L features universal input, three alarm outputs, retransmission output, a timer to count the total time the setpoint is exceeded, and a register to retain the maximum temperature reached.

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Thermal oxidizers, also known as fume incinerators or afterburners, are widely used to control air emissions. Many processes, such as paint baking, drying of printing inks and curing of certain polymers, evolve vapors of flammable, toxic solvents. In the baking or curing oven, these solvent vapors pose an explosion or fire hazard, so they are diluted well below their lower limit of flammability by adding large amounts of dilution air.

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Join Control Products Manager, Clayton Wilson as he guides you through a detailed session of conducting an effective demo using the UTAdvanced tempreature controller.

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