Asset Management and Integrity

Solutions that reduce maintenance costs and improve facility reliability and availability. By providing the support needed to keep facilities in operation at all times, we ensure that our customers can respond quickly to any business opportunities that may arise due to changes in market conditions.


Asset Management and Integrity

OpreX Asset Management and Integrity belongs to the OpreX Transformation category of the comprehensive OpreX brand for Yokogawa’s industrial automation (IA) and control business.


  • Commissioning Support Package

    Yokogawa‘s Commissioning Support Package (CSP) is an application that automates loop checks and associated field device start-up operations using communications protocols such as HART or FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus.

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  • Asset Performance Management

    With the Asset Performance Management (APM) solution, an environment that enables cross-sectional analytics of the process data and asset data can be established. Yokogawa and KBC’s professional consultants can provide suitable suggestions for improvement from both business and production perspectives.

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  • Asset Performance Analytics

    Our maintenance approach is one that focuses on reducing energy consumption. Our comprehensive solutions improve energy efficiency while ensuring a stable and environmentally friendly O&M. In measuring energy efficiency we can visualize present and future energy consumption to prepare a precise and effective maintenance plan.

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  • Field Asset Analytics (InsightSuiteAE)

    With the increasing demand for energy that has accompanied the economic growth of newly industrialized nations, companies need to find every possible way to add value and max out the efficiency of their production processes. And they must find a way to do this without doing harm to the environment and while complying with stringent HSE regulations.

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Descripción General:

Vertical farming is an emerging solution to the existing challenges of rising food demands, dwindling arable land, and climate instability. Yet, with innovation comes complexity. Discover how Yokogawa, in collaboration with a leading vertical farming end-user, addresses obstacles that threaten product yield and profitability.

Descripción General:

Asset health monitoring has long been in existence to protect expensive equipment and/or operations from costly, critical, or catastrophic failures, with numerous examples in nuclear, aeronautical, petrochemical, industries and beyond. The costs associated to install the sensors and asset health system way overcome the consequences of not implementing. However, this is not the case in all industries, with all equipment and/or all operations. In many cases equipment is run until failure and then repaired or replaced.

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