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Complete Digital Transformation OPEX Solution for the Renewable Power Industry


renewable energyYokogawa REDI is the renewable power industry’s first comprehensive “sensor-to-enterprise” solution. Engineered specifically for solar, wind, and battery storage assets, REDI integrates greenfield projects and seamlessly augments existing brownfield projects to optimize decision making. Emphasizing insight derived from high-quality data, REDI provides operators enhanced functionality to address portfolio-specific needs and recognize unrealized revenue opportunities.

With increasing pressure to reduce operation and maintenance expenses, today’s renewable power operators require improved availability and capacity by taking control of scheduled and unscheduled downtime. They must also minimize financial risks and exposure and show continuous improvements in areas such as forecasting, contract management, compliance, and actual vs. target production. The bottom line is that today’s industry requires lifetime optimization of LCOE—the levelized cost of energy.

REDI enables renewable power operators to overcome their biggest challenges:

  • Operations and maintenance costs comprise the single largest cost factor of any renewable asset lifecycle.
  • Scheduling with traditional power generation sources such as fossil fuels
  • Energy storage management
  • Asset performance management
  • Contract management
  • Data quality management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Aging control technology and disparate systems
  • Continuous improvement over the lifecycles of all assets
  • Ability to evolve and scale to continue meeting industry trends

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REDI deploys standardized infrastructure for measurement, automation and control. Not only does Yokogawa supply comprehensive instrumentation and IoT sensor technology, our SCADA overlay seamlessly integrates with disparate measurement, control and SCADA systems from third party suppliers.

REDI also provides advanced analytics and contract management systems for the full scope of operations, Enterprise IT security and integration, and operational and financial reporting. Plus, our extensive staff of renewable energy industry subject matter experts provide complete support.


REDI provides complete information to all renewable generation personnel, anytime, anywhere:

  • Asset data model based on IEC standards
  • Continuous data validation/estimation
  • Event Management/Prioritization
  • Availability – Plant and asset level
  • Actual and expected production
  • Irradiance
  • Weather index & adjusted energy index
  • Weather Forecasts (integration)
  • Performance Ratio & Index
  • Operational Availability
  • Technical Availability
  • Contractual Availability
  • Production Losses (ranked)
  • Mean Time Between Failure
  • Mean Time to Acknowledge
  • Mean Time to Respond
  • Mean Time to Field Service Completed
  • Mean Time to Work Order Completed
  • Mean Time to Invoice
  • Continuous Advanced Analytics
  • Power Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Environmental Analytics
  • Loss Characterization Analytics
  • Engineering/Integration Services (as required)



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