Current to Pneumatic Converter

What Is a Current to Pneumatic Converter?

By converting electrical current into pneumatic output, I/P converters eliminate the need for an external power supply to control the pneumatic operated components.

Yokogawa has decades of experience in the development, design, and manufacturing of valve positioners and converters. They provide superior controllability and maintenance ability, contributing to reduced plant operation costs.

  • PK200

    The PK200 current-to-pneumatic (I/P) converter offers a low-cost method to convert a milliamp input (4-20 or 10-50mA analog signals) to a proportional pneumatic (air pressure) output. The unit is designed for a broad range of process control applications, including those that feature pneumatic actuating equipment. The PK200 features built-in stainless steel input/output gauges.

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The auto tuning feature available in Foundation Fieldbus valve positioner Yokogawa YVP110, which drastically reduces startup and commissioning cost. Also valve signature created during the startup of the wellhead provides the baseline performance of valve in a specific process application and can be used for detailed troubleshooting and performance analysis of valves. Several parameters in Foundation Fieldbus valve positioner can be set to get the diagnosis alert when usage of the valve reaches one of the pre-defined threshold conditions.

Yokogawa Technical Report
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Progress in digital signal processing and network technologies has enabled advanced functions which cannot be achieved by traditional field devices with 4-20 mA signal, to be implemented on field devices. Standardization of international fieldbus specifications, notably the FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, has enabled users to build optimum field networks comprised of freely chosen field devices from various device vendors.

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