Electrolyzer Temperature Control with Minimal Wiring

Controller Communication

Control and Monitoring of an Electrolyzer Using the CXThe CX 0 loop/0 ch model is effective for applications in which several different controllers are used such as for control of an electrolyzer. Less expensive than a panel computer, the CX offers unified management, monitoring, and recording of all external controllers.

  • With a single CX2000, you can implement RUN/STOP, changes to target values, and autotuning of sixteen other controllers, offering centralized control of your system.
  • The controller's measured values (SP, PV, output values) are displayed on the CX through communication, avoiding errors as can occur with analog transmission.
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP65 and NEMA No. 250 TYPE4* compliant), the CX holds up under harsh environments.

*except exernal icing test

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