ADMAG Total Insight

Product Introduction

In case of field devices, customers require full support over the entire product life cycle such as easy selection of product specifications, instrument set up, operation, monitoring of process, simplified troubleshooting when product fails, flexibility for future upgrades and so on.

Yokogawa's flowmeter adopts the new "Total Insight" concept which provides total support to customers.
For example, the AXG and AXW transmitters have a wizard function for easy parameter setting.
Self-diagnostics check measurement result and automatically detect abnormalities.
The built-in health check verification function can easily verify the device conditions in only 12 minutes and can output reports using the DTM tool. The flowmeters have built-in intelligence to detect process abnormalities such as flow noise (slurry, air bubbles) and changing fluid conductivity.
These alarms can be logged for further analysis thereby maintaining the integrity of the process.
These functions can be expected for detecting the timing of fluid changes, estimating liner abrasion, etc.

These advanced new functionalities offered by the "Total Insight" concept enable more accurate and stable measurement of your process.

ADMAG Total Insight
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  • ADMAG AXG can measure flow rate with high accuracy.
    • The standard accuracy of ± 0.3% (reading value) has been achieved.
    • Acquired IECEx, ATEX, USA (FM), Canada (FMc), Japan, Korea, Brazil (INMETRO), EAC explosion protection.
    • Ideal for processes that handle many highly corrosive and abrasive fluids.

  • ADMAG AXW can measure flow in large diameter processes.
    • Supporting up to 1800 mm.
    • PTFE linings can be applied up to a maximum diameter of 1,000 mm.
    • It is suitable for general processes mainly for water as well as corrosive and abrasive fluids.

  • As a part of the Safety Instrument System, ADMAG AXG and AXW supports safe plant operation.
    • Certified to SIL2 complied with functional safety standard IEC 61508*.
      *: Parts 1 - 7 : 2010 ; compliant with Functional Safety of Electrical / Electronic / Programmable Electronic Safety-related Systems
    • It is available to be used in safety instrumented systems up to SIL2 in simplex configuration and SIL3 in redundant configuration.


Available Process Petrochemical, chemical, paper / pulp, food / beverage, metal / mining etc General industrial process and water and sewage etc
Liner Material Ceramics, PFA PTFE, Polyurethane Rubber, Natural Soft Rubber, Natural Hard Rubber
(Reading Value)
± 0.15 % (High: 25 to 200 mm)
± 0.3 % (Standard)
± 0.35 %
Size 2.5 to 500 mm 25 to 1800 mm
Explosion Protection IECEx, ATEX, USA (FM), Canada (FMc), Japan, Korea, Brazil (INMETRO), EAC IECEx, ATEX, Korea, Brazil (INMETRO), EAC
Application Diagnostic - Flow Noise Diagnosis
- Low Conductivity Diagnosis
- Electrode Insulation Deterioration Diagnosis
- Electrode Adhesion Detection
- Sensor Empty Check
- Wiring Connection Diagnosis
- Electrode Adhesion Detection
- Sensor Empty Check
- Wiring Connection Diagnosis





    The ADMAG TI series AXG is ideal for industrial process lines like oil & gas/chemical/pulp & paper/food & beverage/metal & mining applications. With outstanding reliability and ease of operation and maintenance, developed on decades of field-proven experience, the AXG will increase user benefits while reducing total cost of ownership.

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    The ADMAG TI series AXW is ideal for general industrial process lines and water supply/sewage applications. The sizes are available from 25 mm to 1800 mm. Besides fluorocarbon PTFE, lining can be selected from various rubber linings.

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  • FSA130 Magnetic Flowmeter / Vortex Flowmeter Verification Tool

    Magnetic Flowmeter / Vortex Flowmeter Verification Tool provides the diagnosis, reporting and data management for the health check of ADMAG TI (Total Insight) Series AXG or AXW and CA Series with HART protocol and Vortex Flowmeter VY series with HART protocol.
    FieldMate should be prepared by customers. FSA130 is the license key to activate the Verification Tool.

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Magnetic Flowmeter dual frequency excitation provides immunity to slurry noise by good stability and accuracy, determining the maintenance timing can be recognized by monitoring of electrodes.


Yokogawa's unique simultaneous dual-frequency excitation method and optional enhanced dual frequency excitation method can offer benefits in this application which can result in tighter control, faster response, more end product per batch, greater profit and a direct cost savings to the customer.



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