Field Device replacement support


  • Start-up
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Field engineering

Engineers replace the field device due to some reason such as its failure. FieldMate (field device adjustment/configuration tool) provides the easy its replacement function (copy the necessary parameter values from old field device to new one).

Field Device replacement support

Features and Benefits

  • Simple interface to read (upload) and write (download) the field devices parameter values
  • Field device replacement assistance to use the parameter values at healthiness to new one
  • Device Parameters Storage to analyze device behavior for some trouble

Usage example

Parameter configuration tool (for Field Device replacement):

FieldMate can save the all device parameter values as a file format to refer their values anytime and anywhere. At the field device replacement, engineers can download these parameter values to new one.

Reading and Writing Device parameters

Parameter configuration tool (for utilization of PJT common parameter values among their field devices)
Engineers can utilize the common field device parameter values (Engineering Unit, Temperature Sensor type, Device Self-diagnosis function, etc.) among the field devices.

entering the same settings on multiple devices

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