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Providing prompt solutions and reliable services 24/7

Service Types

Technical Support (helpdesk) - provides technical information by telephone and training.

  • European Parts Center - processes parts orders, maintains stock control and emergency delivery orders. Deliveries can consist of products, service/spare parts, consumables.
  • European Repair Center - analyses product problems, defines and implements solutions. Maintains the printed circuit board exchange program for swift solutions to customer system problems.
  • European System Support - organises and implements all control system support activities, including the adequate services for scheduled and unscheduled day-to-day maintenance for a project in the post installation phase.
  • Remote Maintenance Support (RMS) - Remote Maintenance Support is the enhanced service capability unique to Yokogawa. Operational and field proven over the last five years, RMS allows operation of sophisticated system diagnostics remotely from the Regional Office system service Center. RMS is used primarily in the following scenarios: - Remote preventive inspection rounds - Support during emergencies - System registration (incl. Revision levels) - Logbook data
  • FAST/TOOLS Service - Yokogawa offers a comprehensive customer support package covering updates, enhancements and reports, as well as a technical support hot-line via telephone, electronic mail and facsimile. Our technical support staff do not only log, report and resolve your question, but are also capable of provide world wide on site support for your system configuration, integration and modification.

Challenges for Customers

Immediate recovery from troubles is imperative, to minimize MTTR (Mean Time to Recovery)

Minimizing unexpected shutdowns is essential when operating plants. When a trouble occurs, proper action must be taken immediately.

Challenges for Customers:  Immediate recovery from troubles is imperative, to minimize MTTR (Mean Time to Recovery)
Our Solutions:  Comprehensive Global Service Network (Service Offices) and Escalation system (to GRC)

Our Solutions

Comprehensive Global Service Network (Service Offices) and Escalation system (to GRC)

At Yokogawa’s worldwide network of Response Centers, our technical support engineers are standing by 24/7 to answer various requests from customers, while the Global Response Center in Japan provides valuable backup to these Response Centers. Yokogawa also offers a variety of services that enables quick and effective restoration of your system.

Engineer Dispatch Service
On-site troubleshooting support from a Yokogawa Customer Service Engineer

Bench Repair Service
Defective modules are returned to Yokogawa for repairs. The user instructs Yokogawa on whether to repair or replace the item.

Parts Management
Yokogawa will stock and manage a list of critical spare parts agreed to beforehand which will be made available to the customer.

Customer Benefits

A Dependable Service System

Yokogawa immediately responds to your request by providing quick and effective support 24/7 and subsequently contributes to the reduction of your MTTR (Mean Time To Recovery).

Our service engineers will observe and become familiar with your operation, and thus become a valuable part of your maintenance team. Knowing that your plant is in good hands brings peace of mind.

Customer Benefits:  A dependable service system



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