FAST/TOOLS Developed to Grow with Client Needs

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Features of Yokogawa's FAST/TOOLS:
  • Multi-page alarming functionality with sorting options based on priority or time, adjustable acknowledging/ reset options, rerouting of alarms, paging use for alarming
  • Object oriented engineering, make one class and use it as many times as needed
  • Object oriented graphics: no need to update symbols separately, one change in a symbol updates all copies
  • Predefined trend-pages for most common trending configurations
  • Online editing that can add or remove graphics, item (tag-) definitions, reports, I/O-drivers
  • Communication scheduling, based on time or availability of communication lines for distant PLC/ RTU-stations
  • Automatic data-archiving of historical data on tape and cleanup of disk space
  • Unlimited I/O-count (the largest working system has over a million database items). Up to 255 different VO drivers can run in parallel on one machine
  • Open interfaces (XML. OPC and ODSCI used for reporting/ MIS-functionality/Web-enabling
  • Report distribution to remote localisms
  • Fine-tuning tools to optimize performance, like coping with bursts
  • Communication links via traditional copper wires. high-speed optical fibers, radio or satellite
  • Time synchronization from GPS or PLC/RTU, including time distribution to other nodes.

Many global industrial companies and utilities rely on Yokogawa's FAST/TOOLS system to deliver high levels of data integration and guaranteed data integrity demanded by these companies.

Yokogawa says that the secret to FAST/ TOOLS success in these critical applications is the highly reliable design, combined with exceptional performance and the online configuration capability. This adds up to support for the highest levels of efficiency and out-standing quality in industrial processes.

The product's open architecture provides easy access to the system. It allows the user to integrate extra functionality in addition to a wide range of standard functions. The design is based on open client/server architecture and supports standards such as ODBC and OPC.

Also significant for FAST/TOOLS is the tool's availability on industry-standard operating systems, including Windows, HP/.,TX IBM AIX, Sun Solaris and Linux. Also, TCP/ IP network communications support a wide variety of distributed systems over either LAN or WAN.

The tool is scalable from less than a hundred to more than a million I/O points, and supports multiple architectures from single node solutions to multi-node client/server systems.

The company developed FAST/TOOLS with a number of significant issues in mind, one of which Is to provide a system than can start small and can easily grow with client needs—short term and long term. Details on the tool can be found at the Yokogawa OTC booth.


FAST/TOOLS has a true client/server architecture that is not limited to stand-alone stations and allows distributed functionality: Front-end nodes help the user reduce the load of the host by pre-processing data on remote locations and passing through only relevant data. The "server' systems can run one or more I/O-drivers per node.

For example, a configuration could be an application running up to 70 I/O-drivers at the same time on one node, with only three telephone lines available to connect to the 70 remote PLC devices. Where system availability is a prime issue, the tool can be configured to run In a redundant configuration. Several redundancy concepts are available, illustrating the flexibility of FAST/TOOLS. Further, net-working can be configured redundantly to include redundant networks between server and clients and/or between server and PLCs or RTUs.


Key functions are provided that allow data acquisition with field and real-time event management for storing the information. It also provides system installation and a configuration tool, a data management system and real-time networking for communication between the modules.

Additional modules can be added as a plug-in to the networking layer to increase client specific functionality. Examples are client specific calculation, optimization modules or HMI.

Engineering Capability

Functional modules of FAST/TOOLS include:
  • Configuration and graphical presentation
  • Alarm management and SUE
  • History management
  • Object oriented engineering language
  • Access to other applications [XML, OPC and 0118C, Java, HTM
  • Reporting and trending
  • Operator action Logging
  • 110 communication
  • Dedicated application software
  • Audit trail
  • Playback capabilities.

Yokogawa offers a complete set of professional consulting services that can be tailored to specific needs. Plus, the company's consultants can provide services that offer quick, cost-effective methods to ensure success in developing and implementing FAST/ TOOLS systems.

These professionals, consisting of senior developers and expert application builders, are experienced in conceptual, detail application and third party software integration.

Yokogawa consulting services are available in any form that fits the user's unique con-figuration and programming needs. Services range from simple, day-rate advisory to complex, ongoing projects, and assistance can be provided for any or all phases of your integration process, from conceptual study to implementation and maintenance.


A unique feature allows the user to keep application specific data apart from the FAST/TOOLS environment. Loading this data in one turn is a quick way of loading the entire configuration, without using HMI. Even while the FAST/TOOLS application is running, this feature can be used to load additional data. The big advantage of developing and keeping the data apart from the FAST/TOOLS environment is that the user can perform version management on the data.

The user can "quick-load" configurations online without stopping the system. While loading the configurations, FAST/TOOLS continuously checks the "quick-load" data. Errors in configurations will be reported instantly, stopping the loading process or skipping the error if necessary. In addition, there is a range of documentation available for the FAST/TOOLS package, featuring manuals that are written for two user groups: operators and system managers and system integrators and programmers.

FAST/TOOLS is a trademarked brand cf Yokogawa and can be seen at Yokogawa's Booth 5577.

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