OS-free CPU module

This is a CPU module on which only boot program is implemented. Any operating system (OS) which is corresponding to the boot program can be started.



  • ARM Processor
    Because of having ARM processor (Cortex-A9 MPCore,866MHz), high-speed control is possible.

  • Built-in boot program
    It provides boot measures as per the standard usage of the boot program, boot Flash memory / SD card / network. Moreover, environmental variable set up is performed through RS-232C as per the terminal.

    Double data rate mode 3 realizes high-speed data transfer and low power consumption.

    Data can be easily stored on non-volatile devices.

  • Ample I/O of e-RT3/FA-M3 is accessible
    The initialization process to access IO of e-RT3/FA-M3 is done by boot program. With developing OS drivers, user can access IO modules.

  • 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T Ethernet
    By mounting 2ch Ethernet, debug environment and application environment can be separated.

  • SD card interface (2 slot)
    SDHC memory card can be used. It has two SD card slots (SD1 and SD2). SD1 is used for system startup and always mounted. SD2 is removable.

  • PCI Interface
    By using PCI bus, high-speed data communication with utility module is possible to execute.

  • MODE Switch
    The start mode can be switched with the MODE switch at power-on and reset start.

  • Battery backup
    The internal battery can provide the power supply to RTC and SRAM when the power is cut off.
    The internal battery can be easily exchanged from the outside. A battery voltage reduction is notified with the BAT LED.


Item Specifications
CPU Cortex-A9 MPCore(Dual 866MHz)
Boot-loader U-boot 2019.04
Endian type Little endian
Memory FLASH ROM 256 MB
I/F Ethernet 10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-TX / 1000 BASE-T (2ch)
RS-232C 9.6kbps to 115.2kbps dedicated connector*1
SD SDHC memory card
PCI For utility module(32bit)
JTAG Dedicated connector
RAS function Power Discontinuity Detection Detects input power discontinuity, notification to application
WDT Monitoring application software operation status
SD card abnormality detection Mounted the overcurrent secured circuit
FAIL Signal output At abnormality detection, controls FAIL setting of power-supply module to notify exteriorly.
RTC Year, month, day, hour, minute and second and the day of the week (battery backup)
Surrounding air temperature range Operating : 0 to 55℃*2*2
Storage : -20 to 75℃
Surrounding humidity range Operating : 10 to 90%RH (non-condensing)
Storage : 10 to 90%RH (non-condensing)
Surrounding atmosphere No corrosive gas and thick dust
LED for status display RDY,RUN,ALM,ERR,SD1,SD2,COM,BAT,U1,U2,U3,OS,8,4,2,1
Rotary switch Launch mode select switch
Set Switch Launch mode set switch
Cooling type Air cooling without blower
Mounting position Slot 1 to 4 in main unit
Biggest mounting module count 4 module / 1 unit
Current consumption 1200mA
Outer dimensions 28.9(W)×100(H)×83.2(D)mm
Masses 200g(SD card is not included)

*1 : KM72-2N conversion cable (sold separately) is necessary
*2 : You must select a SD memory card that can operate in the ambient temperature between 0 ℃ and 85 ℃.

Model and suffix codes

Model Suffix Code Option Code Specification
F3RP70 -2L - FLASH ROM:256MB
/L09 With AI control license

OS image

Ubuntu image for F3RP70 (SFRD14-MDW)

You can boot Ubuntu Linux by writing to the bootable SD card.

Type name Specifications

The 4GB to 32GB SDHC memory card can be used with the F3RP70.

Use a card with a large number of endurance writes such as SLC or MLC.



AI control software packege for F3RP70  (SFRM19-MDW) New !

AI control software package is required to create and use AI control applications that run on Ubuntu images for OS-Free CPU module (model: F3RP70-2L) of the e-RT3.
The software package provide an execution library and data acquisition application.

  • Execution library
    By using the execution library, you can program AI control by using the control model generated by the AI control learning service.
    For the control functions of the execution library, an API is provided for PID calculations in addition to AI control calculations.
    You can switch between calculation methods during transient response and settling time, and use the PID calculator as a feedback circuit.
    Provides high-performance libraries for the C language environment.
  • Data acquisition application
    Data acquisition applications enable data acquisition without programming.
    The acquired data is output in a format compatible with the AI control learning service.
  • AI control
    It able to control the device using the AI control model learned by the AI control learning service.

AI control license is required to control equipment using an AI control model. (* Not required if you purchase OS-free CPU module F3RP70-2L/L09 with AI control license)
The warranty of the open source software part, including our modified part, follows the license of each software.
For example, in the case of the GPL, there is no warranty. We provide no warranty for redistributed open source software.


Execution library specifications

Item Specifications
Library type C language static library
C language shared libraries
Control function Calculation method AI control
Input Analog value*1
Output Analog value*2
Time proportional DO value*3

*1: An analog input module can be used for analog input of current and voltage, and a temperature monitor module or PID control module can be used for temperature input.
*2: Analog output modules and PID control modules can be used for analog output of current and voltage.
*3: An output relay module and PID control module can be used for time-proportional numeric output.

Data acquisition application specifications

Item Specifications
Opecating CPU modules OS-Free CPU Module
Supported OS Ubuntu 18.04(Supplied with Ubuntu image)
Available I/O modules Digital input F3XD32-□□ / F3XD64-□□ / F3WD64-□□
Analog input F3AD04-5R / F3AD08-6R / F3AD08-4R
Temperature input F3CX04-0H / F3CU04-□H
Minimum scan interval 1 msec
Maximum acquisitions 100000
Output file Proprietary format (TSV)


AI control learning service for F3RP70 (SFRL18-MPC) New !

AI control learning service is provided as a cloud service.
AI control means that an AI learns and controls the causal relationship between conditions such as inputs to equipment and the surrounding environment, and the amount of control, such as output of the equipment.
The learning service provides a cloud-based model generation (learning) environment.

  • Simulator generator function
    Generation of the simulator is data-driven based on the equipment operation data.
    Use of a simulator increases efficiency by speeding up repetitive learning and eliminating the need for actual machine work.
    The accuracy of the simulator is displayed graphically.
  • AI control model learning function
    The control models generated through AI learning achieve suitable control of the target equipment without having to understand the characteristics of the equipment in detail.
    The response performance of the control model is displayed graphically.
  • Control model response performance check function
    The response performance of the control model is displayed graphically.
  • Download AI control model function
    It able to download the learned AI control model and use it in the AI control software package.
    In one training, multiple control models consisting of multiple learning conditions are generated.
    You can visually review and select from among those with a good response performance score, and download the best one for your needs.

AI control learning does not guarantee the generation of the best control model.
As control models are data dependent, the performance of a control model varies depending on the characteristics of the equipment and the quality of the data provided..

  • Click here to apply for AI Control Learning Service
    * The AI Control Learning Service application will be released in conjunction with the first product delivery scheduled for May 2023.

AI control license for F3RP70 (SFRL19-MPC) New !

The AI Control License is a license to embed an authentication key in control models generated by the AI control learning service. One license is required per CPU module.


This license is required when controlling a device with an AI control model trained by the AI control learning service.
By registering the license code with the AI control learning service, you can embed an authentication key in your control models when they are generated, thereby activating them.


Please purchase if you want to use your existing OS-free CPU module.
For new purchases, the F3RP70-2L/L09 OS-free CPU module with AI control license is available.

Verified SD card

The SD cards of the following manufacturers have been verified for use with F3RP70-2L.

Manufacturer Capacity Manufacturer Model
Western Digital (SanDisk) 16GB SDSDUSC-016G-JNJIN
Western Digital (SanDisk) 32GB SDSDUW3-032G-JNJIN
Western Digital (SanDisk) 32GB SDSDXWF-032G-JNJIP


  • We recommend several insertions and removals when purchasing a new product.
  • Please format before use.
  • Please direct inquiries regarding the other manufacturers' verified SD cards above to their manufacturers.
  • Please note that sales of the above-mentioned SD card may be discontinued from the manufacturer without prior notice.

About Support

Dedicated driver

The dedicated driver is provided as a product of Yokogawa Electric Corporation.

  • Warranty
    No warranty. We only check the operation with the provided package.
  • Support
    No support. You will be responsible for how to use, and identifying problem causes when they occur.

Ubuntu Linux

These softwares are not products of Yokogawa Electric Corporation.
We are redistributing under each software license.

  • About license
    Follow the license of each software. Please confirm it respectively.
    Many softwares follow the GPL and LGPL. Depending on the usage, your application may need to comply with the GPL, in which case you will be obliged to publish the source code.

  • About warranty
    Follow the license of each software. Please confirm it respectively.
    No guarantee by Yokogawa Electric Corporation.

  • About support
    No support. You will be responsible for how to use, and identify problem causes when they occur.

Please confirm before purchase

Please confirm the following contents before purchasing this product.

  • This module has only a boot loader (U-Boot). (OS is not included)
  • Any OS can be started, but it is not supported for all OS.
  • OSS (Open Source Software) is out of scoep of Yokogawa's warranty and support.
  • Please contact us for the sales area, as it is necessary to confirm the availability of the cloud service.
    It cannot be sold in China because it is not ready for sale of AI control learning service.



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AI development is not that difficult! This tutorial video shows you how to develop AI application on e-RT3 F3RP70 by running AI sample program available on Partner Portal.

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