Quality Assurance

Achieving Customer Trust and Satisfaction by Delivering

Guided by shared concepts and rules, the Yokogawa Group implements quality management on a daily basis to deliver products and services that meet customer expectations. Every year, the Group establishes quality targets and measures in the Yokogawa Group Quality Plan and implements quality activities on the basis of this plan to ensure high quality.

The basic quality policy

  1. Quality management is carried out in order to implement customer focus based on "Quality First," which is the spirit of foundation, and "Healthy and Profitable Management" through improvements in management quality.
  2. Products that meet statutory and regulatory requirements as well as customer requirements are supplied.
  3. Appropriate quality management systems conforming to the International Standard ISO 9001 requirements are established and implemented. In addition, the effectiveness of those systems is continually improved.
  4. Customer requirements are fulfilled and customer satisfaction is increased through the results of quality activities in all organizations and personnel. For this purpose, each employee must feel that the quality of his or her work has a direct bearing on product quality, and that the company believes in "Quality First".
  5. The head of each organization is responsible for the quality of the relevant businesses. The responsibilities include ensuring that adequate resources are made available.

Putting Quality First to Achieve the Same Quality

The Yokogawa Group has gained its customers' trust by strictly abiding by the motto of "The Yokogawa Group provides the same quality solutions everywhere throughout the world." 
The impetus behind this is the Quality First Approach that we have faithfully followed since the Company was established over 90 years ago. Our quality management consists of three basic elements: Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Improvement (QI), and Quality mind (Qm).

Three basic elements for Quality management

Quality Assurance (QA)
Continually seeking to provide better products to customers based on the concept that the highest priority is given to quality

Quality Improvement (QI)
Establishing a system to provide products and services that are of the Same Quality Worldwide

Quality mind (Qm)
Each and every employee having the quality first mindset (Quality mind, or Qm) that is one of the Yokogawa Group's founding principles

We believe that we can satisfy our customers' expectations and build long-lasting bonds of trust only when all of these elements are engaged.

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