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Discovering Yokogawa's Technology and Solutions

To get the right technologies and solutions to our customers around the globe, Yokogawa is looking for both new and highly experienced professionals who accept nothing less than the best. If you’ve got exceptional energy, innovativeness, knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, and commitment,


Yokogawa Core Values

Industrial Automation and Control Business

Yokogawa developed the world’s first distributed production control system for the control and monitoring of production operations at industrial plants. With its excellent project execution capabilities, the Company has won the confidence of customers and has supported the development of industries as varied as petroleum, petrochemical, iron and steel, paper and pulp, pharmaceuticals, food, and electric power worldwide. The Company offers a comprehensive range of solutions including field instruments, the market leading CENTUM brand of distributed control systems; and a variety of software tools.

Test and Measurement Business

Measurement is the starting point for any technology. Yokogawa has been contributing to industry in providing measuring instruments that convert values such as voltage, time, temperature, pressure, and wavelength into visible information and analyze them. In the measuring instrument business, which is indispensable to the development and production of electrical and electronic products, we offer a rich product lineup and an extensive calibration and service system. We have also developed products for the latest high-speed and high-performance semiconductors and always offer the latest test solutions.

Service and Other Businesses

Yokogawa has grown with its measurement, control, and information technologies, and has used these to develop new technologies and products for a variety of applications. These products include aviation and marine equipment, confocal scanners for the biotechnology sector, XY stages used in the manufacturing of flat panel displays, and optical communications devices supporting ultra-high speed and large capacity telecommunications.