Middle East and Africa

Human Resources Development, Job Creation (Middle East, Africa)

Yokogawa Middle East & Africa B.S.C.(c) (Bahrain) believes the most meaningful activity under CSR is to make a difference at the grassroots level and has collaborated very closely with universities/institutes in the regions in which they operate. The activities range from participating in career days, symposia, workshops, seminars and supplementing university curriculum through practical courses. Internship programs are offered every year.

Yokogawa is involved in many large-scale energy development projects in the oil, gas and other sectors in the Middle East and Africa. As we expand our business, we support human resources development in these regions in cooperation with local universities and other educational institutions and provide employment opportunities for local people.
Since 2007, Yokogawa has provided training in measurement and control technologies and engineering for local students. Through this initiative we are contributing to the development of local communities by employing approximately 30% of the students who have taken the course in the Yokogawa Group and helping the others find employment with local customers.
Yokogawa will further expand such initiatives and contribute to human resources development and job creation wherever we operate worldwide.

Technical training using Yokogawa products
Technical training using Yokogawa products

Number of Technical Traging Recipients in the Middle East and Africa
*Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, South Africa, Nigeria, etc.