Pure Water (Low) Conductivity sensors SC4A(J)/SC42

The measurement of specific conductivity in aqueous solutions is becoming increasingly important for the determination of impurities in water. The accuracy of the measurement is strongly influenced by temperature variations, polarization effects at the surface of the contacting electrodes, cable capacitances, etc. Yokogawa has designed a full range of precision sensors and instruments to cope with these measurements, even under extreme conditions.

These groups of sensors are intended for the low conductivity applications found in the semi-conductor, power, water and pharmaceutical industries and have a convenient and compact design. There are several mounting possibilities one of which is mounting by using a compression gland, giving a simple effective method of direct insertion in process pipework.

Standard these sensors are available in a Stainless Steel or Titanium version fitted with a fixed cable or Variopin connector and include a 3.1 material certificate for the metal wetted parts. 

Some of the available types are made from a combination of wetted materials approved by FDA. This makes them ideally suited for the monitoring of pure water systems used in the preparation of injectable solutions. For these applcations, sanitary clamp mountings are available.

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   SC4A SC42 Large Bore  SC42 Small-Bore 
Model Code SC4A(J) SC42 Large Bore SC42 Small Bore
Cell Constants 0.02/cm; 0.1/cm 0.01/cm; 0.1/cm; 1.0/cm 0.02/cm; 0.1/cm; 1.0/cm
Ranges 0.04-400 µS/cm; 0.2-2,000 µS/cm 0.02-2,000 µS/cm; 0.2-20,000 µS/cm; 2.0-200,000 µS/cm 0.04-400 µS/cm; 0.4-2,000 µS/cm; 4.0-5,000 µ/cm
Temperature Element Pt1000 Pt1000 Pt1000
Pressure Rating 10 bar/142 PSIG 10 bar/142 PSIG 7 bar/100 PSIG
Maximum Temperature 110°C/230°F 150°C/302°F 100°C/212°F
Installation Connections 3/4" NPT Fitting; 1", 1.5" or 2" Tri-Clamp' Retractable Requires FD40, FS40 or FF40 Holder 3/4" NPT Fitting; 1", 1.5" or 2" Tri-Clamp
Integral Cable YES NO YES
Materials Of Construction 316 Stainless Steel or Titanium 316 Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel or Titanium
Design Style 2-Electrode 2-Electrode 2-Electrode



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Industry:Food and Beverage


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