Secured Remote Solutions
Notice: This product was discontinued on Jun 29, 2022.

About secured remote solutions

Our VPSRemote infrastructure provides secure remote services for operations and maintenance, either from a site office, head office, or working from home.  Remote operation and maintenance reduce support lead times, eliminates travel expenses, and contributes to stable and continuous plant operation. Building resilient infrastructure you can trust is what we do.


Our VPSRemote infrastructure provides secure remote services for operations and maintenance, either from a site office, head office, or working from home. The provision of remote security updates, system monitoring, and emergency support services improves operational resilience while reducing risks and total cost of ownership.

Customer Challenges

Efficient maintenance is vital for improving the plant availability. However, the increase of remotely located plants, the aging workforce, and the highly integrated and complex modern automation systems brings the following challenges to plant maintenance.

  • High mean time to recovery (MTTR) especially in remote plants
  •  Lack of skilled and experienced maintenance engineers
  • High total cost of ownership (TCO) due to reactive and plant-by-plant approached maintenance
  • Increased operational risk due to open and integrated systems with larger exposure to security risk
secured remote customer challenges


Secure Access: 
Provides secured and controlled access to critical, actionable data anytime and from anywhere.

Security Update :
Provides validated AV (antivirus) signatures and OS patches automatically and remotely.
System Monitoring :

Checks symptoms of any trouble factors by gathering system maintenance and environmental information without engineer dispatch.

Emergency Support
Enables Yokogawa engineer to remotely accesses customer’s system with secured network to take prompt action for troubleshooting and recovery.

secured remote solutions

Customer Benefits 

Secured Remote Solutions improves operational resilience while reducing risks and the total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • Provides VPN so that you can access your site securely and eliminates travel expenses

  • Mitigates cyber risk by remote security updates

  • Prevents failures in advance by centralized management and remote monitoring

  • Minimizes Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) by emergency support

secured remote customer benefits

Enabling Technology

Yokogawa is committed to continuous improvement - constantly innovating and staying agile by adopting state-of-the-art technology - to fend off the constant evolving of cybersecurity threats and ensure the safety and security of the remote connection.

Security Competence Laboratory
The Security Competence Laboratory is responsible for the verification of the latest security technology and providing best practices as the Yokogawa global security standard.

Secured Network and Security Measures
Secured connection is assured by the latest security technology such as stringent access control, secure encryption communication, safe and foolproof user authentication, and security by access monitoring.

enabling technology



YOKOGAWA provides a high-speed connection to the customer’s system.
With the highly secure VPSRemote system, we firmly support our customer’s maintenance operations.

By reducing distance and time, issues related to operation and maintenance are resolved.

Remote Maintenance Service

This service allows us to remotely connect to the customer’s system in order to gather critical trouble information and to carry out the necessary troubleshooting measures. Since it is possible to advance an investigation before the arrival of an engineer, YOKOGAWA reduces the lead time required for troubleshooting.

Remote Maintenance Service


Recovery Support Service

By using the KVM switch*, a YOKOGAWA service personnel can help support the customer’s recovery process by sharing the same screen.
Also, YOKOGAWA can respond to trouble indicated on the screen display or with the software.
* The KVM switch allows remote sharing of Keyboard, Video and Mouse.

Recovery Support Service


System Monitoring Service / Installation Environment Monitoring Service

By gathering maintenance and environmental information, YOKOGAWA can check the symptoms of any trouble factors. The gathered data is analyzed and evaluated and is periodically submitted as a report. This report can be utilized for maintenance planning throughout the system’s lifecycle.

System Monitoring Service / Installation Environment Monitoring Service


Remote Operation

Through the VPSRemote infrastructure, a confirmation of its operation status or engineering can be carried out from the customer HQ or mother factory. The remote operation has a direct impact such as reducing the lead time of administrative support, reduction of travel expenses to remote locations or cutting man-hour costs.

Remote Operation


Security Update Function 

In addition, Yokogawa provides security automated update service for AV signature & OS patch. The necessary update files are updated once a month without manual operation. Yokogawa will update AV signature & OS patch remotely. And also make a report about whether the update has already completed or not based on customers requested. Yokogawa manages the security update operation on behalf of customers.

 security update funchtion





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