Performance Dashboard

As industrial process' become more complex and customer demands change continuously, managers cannot wait for the monthly KPIs, and furthermore, need daily KPIs to react faster. Yokogawa's Production Management Solution offers a digitalized environment that is easy to adopt, boosting productivity and improving safety, without complexity. Performance Dashboard assists decision making for better planning and improved profitability; managing staff can see "live" production performance and incorporate a drill-down function that enables users to identify the root cause to problems and identify possible countermeasures.

Performance Dashboard
Customer Challenge

Customer Challenge

Setting KPIs, Identifying Root-cause & Decision Making

As part of the digitization of the industrial sector, managers have a strong desire to move from monthly operating targets to daily or shift based targets.

To achieve this goal a solution is required that can define and calculate KPIs based on their specific needs in real-time, so that users can quickly conduct a root-cause analysis, starting from the KPI level.

In addition, due to the frequent changes to the market dynamics and the demands on the business management staff are constantly adjusting the KPIs to appropriately align with the market. This requires that KPI management systems to be user-friendly, flexible to adapt to changing demands, and with system integration capabilities to acquire supporting data from associated systems.

Our Solutions

RPO - Production Supervisor VP

The Production Supervisor VP provides a user customizable solution that can be tailored to satisfy users' needs. It provides high resolution views of aggregated information presented in context to time, materials, and plant topology. It also defines and calculates real-time KPIs using ready-made templates, and identifies the root cause to problems and countermeasures with an included drill down function.

Our Solutions
Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits

3 Key Benefits that Result from an Improved Dashboard

Rapid response to production dynamics based on "advisory live information"

  • Feed switching
  • Market demand
  • Environmental compliance

Monitor actual performance based on actual plant constraints and conditions

  • Operational Equipment Effectiveness
  • Quality (e.g. give-away, reprocessing)
  • Capitalize on production capability gaps

Business driven production control through operational KPI alarming

  • Management by exception
  • Proactive production management
  • Root-cause drill down


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