Is Industrial Autonomy the next generation of automation?

Dates: Oct 30, 2020
Location: Webinar

Is Industrial Autonomy the next generation of automation?


The way we work is changing, accelerated by the impact of COVID-19, and as a result industrial autonomy is moving to the forefront in efforts to improve worker safety, productivity and quality. In fact, 64% of end users are now planning to establish autonomous operations over the next decade. As companies embark on this journey of process improvements and workforce augmentation, this webinar investigates how new technologies are meeting current business challenges, applications that are being enhanced through Industrial Autonomy, and the challenges to be overcome.


Date and Time

Thursday, October 29th, 2020
This webinar was held twice in two different time zones -- each with their unique regional perspectives -- UTC +9: 00 and UTC-4: 00. Missed the event? Watch the full webinar replay here:



Alex West - Senior Principal Analyst, Industrial Technology at Omdia *Slot 1 & 2
Darius Ngo - Functional Director/ Senior Vice President, Digital Enterprise Solution Business Centre at Yokogawa Engineering Asia *Slot 1
Joseph Ting - Vice President, Digital Customer Experience at Yokogawa Electric Corporation *Slot 1
Duncan Micklem - Executive Vice President, Strategy & Marketing at Yokogawa Corporation of America *Slot 2
Patrick Kools - Consultant Manager Europe, Advanced Solutions and Energy Transition Business at Yokogawa Europe *Slot 2
Tom Fiske - Principal Technology Strategist, U.S. Technology Center at Yokogawa Corporation of America *Slot 1 & 2


The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with industry experts from Yokogawa, where topics of discussion will include:

  • Industrial autonomy case studies, and how these are evolving
  • Best practices and considerations for how and where to get started on an Industrial Autonomy journey
  • How the workforce will change as part of this transition