Yokogawa Employees Receive SICE Awards

Tokyo, Japan - November 5, 2020

Yokogawa Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6841) announces that three employees and an employee of the subsidiary Yokogawa Engineering Asia Pte. Ltd. have received awards from the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE)*1. These awards, which are described below, are for a scientific paper and the development of a technology. The awards were presented on October 30.

Outstanding Paper Award

The Outstanding Paper Award is given to authors of papers on significant new theories or technologies that have been published in the Keisoku Jidou Seigyo Gakkai Ronbun-shu (collection of papers of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers - available only in Japanese) or the SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration (available only in English) during the two previous calendar years.

  • Winners
    • Akio Ito (Yokogawa Electric Corporation)
    • Jason Sin Wai Chan (Yokogawa Engineering Asia Pte. Ltd.)
  • Paper
    FDT2 Based Flow Configuration Software on IIoT Environment
  • Reason for winning the award
    FDT/DTM is a standard for the exchange of data between control systems and field devices. Refinements to this standard now enable its use in IIoT applications. This paper presents the first-ever model for the creation of flowmeter software that complies with this standard. It also evaluates a number of hypothesized cases that illustrate the benefits of an IIoT environment constructed with this software.

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Technology Award

The Technology Award is given in recognition of the development of a technology or methodology within the five previous calendar years that represents a significant advance in any of the science & technology fields or industries in which SICE is involved.

  • Winners
    • Takayuki Arai (Yokogawa Electric Corporation)
    • Makoto Nakaya (Yokogawa Electric Corporation)
  • Theme
    Development and commercialization of a USB memory erasing device that ensures physically isolated information security
  • Reason for winning the award
    In today's digital society, there is an urgent need to develop technologies that will protect systems from security threats. Although this security technology is primarily intended for use in plants, it also has broader applications with systems that are used by the general public. As such, its impact was highly evaluated.

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  • ALTECS CO., LTD. (Japanese only), the company that sells the MemWiper™ USB memory eraser device based on this technology


*1 The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE) was founded in 1961 to promote collaboration among scientists and engineers from various fields. In such areas as measurement, control, and information systems, SICE is working hard to address issues faced by the oil, petrochemical, iron and steel, chemical, telecommunication, and other industries. Since its establishment, SICE has supported advanced academic research in Japan.

*2 Field Device Tool (FDT) is a standard that provides an open interface for the exchange of data between control systems and field devices such as pressure transmitters and flowmeters. It was developed and is promoted by the FDT Group, a non-profit organization.


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