Food Packaging with the DXP


DX200PA Wisconsin-based dairy operation specializing in low acid, aseptic packaging has invested close to $100 million in new installations over the past few years. This dairy produces brand name nutritional drinks, pudding, cheese sauce and chili mix for many fast food restaurants.

The customer was eager to go paperless and take advantage of the networking and communication features that come with Yokogawa recorders. Their main focus was initially on the quality of hardware; however, audit trail and electronic signature were a must. The DXP was chosen specifically for these reasons in this application.



There are thousands of points that can be monitored on the plant's newer packaging lines. This application monitors temperatures, multiple flow and tank levels. Validation of the temperature input is crucial to verify their low acid, aseptic packaging process.

'Low acid' packaging maintains the dairy products natural pH levels while 'aseptic' means the products are 100% sterile at the time of packaging.


DX200P 2The DX200P was chosen for the application. All input channel information comes to the DX200P from existing PLC's. To increase usable channel count the DX200P was configured to permit the customer to log and display 60 channels using MODBUS RTU communications. The DXP logs the data with audit trail and periodically sends the data files to the main server using the built-in File Transfer Protocol, FTP, function. Customer QC personnel can then review each file and use DAQSignin to apply the FDA required, "electronic signature" to each data file.

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