Live cell microscopy for long term observation of mitosis by spinning disk confocal , CSU-W1

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Long-term observation of mitosis by live cell microscopy is required for uncovering the role of Cohesin on compartmentalized nuclear architecture which is linked to nuclear functions.To perform long term observation of mitosis devices are needed that have low phototoxic effects on living cells and enable high speed imaging.
Cohesin, a ring-like protein complex with its major subunits RAD21, SMC1, and SMC3 is involved in sister chromatid entrapment to ensure proper chromosome segregation during mitosis, in double strand break repair and gene regulation Its impact on a compartmentalized nuclear architecture, linked to nuclear functions, is less well understood. By using the CSU W-1 confocal scanner unit for time lapse imaging entrance into mitosis, mitotic progression and exit can be examined.

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