FCJ All-in-one PLC/RTU
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FCJ: All-in-one PLC/RTU

The brick type model FCJ autonomous controller fulfills the basic requirements of the utility control. It also provides the reliability for the SCADA communication with network redundant capability.

Exclusive features for FCJ

  • All-in-one type PLC/RTU
  • Dual redundant configuration for control networks
  • Information transmission package (InfoWell) available


For steady operations, high reliability is an essential requirement in the systems that controls and acquires data from various devices and processes and which interlink with other controllers in the control domain. The STARDOM autonomous controllers FCJ have rugged and highly reliable software and hardware, and as an optional feature support dual-redundant configurations for mission-critical applications.

Durable Hardware

FCJ has a highly durable design. In addition to features such as fan-less cooling, there are no IC chips on the backplane, preventing mechanical failures. Furthermore, the use of error check and correct (ECC) memory* prevents software failures.

Secure control even in hazardous applications

FCJ has received ATEX type n certification, FM approval and CSA certification and provides safe and secure control even in hazardous applications. Optional corrosion-proof coatings are also available.

Advanced Self Diagnosis

Rich diagnostic functions make it possible to keep track of CPU temperature, SRAM memory status, and I/O module status. In addition to the diagnostic functions that are performed by the CPU, the analog input modules have embedded self diagnostic functions that can detect disconnected wires and short-circuits by continuously monitoring the loop status. 

STARDOM capability of establishing connections to a various network types results in big cost reduction for the customers. Networkability of STARDOM autonomous controllers FCJ designed for the hazardous area shows absolute advantage in the various applications requiring remote monitoring and operation.

TCP/IP-based Redundant Network

A TCP/IP based network enables a seamless connection with control and information networks using COTS network components, and also allows the easy adaption of controllers for use with narrow bandwidth network infrastructure including public telephone lines, GSM/GPRS, satellite, and radio. The use of a redundant network configuration and data buffering guard against the loss of valuable data in the event of a disruption in network communications.

Field Network Supported

Network Protocol
Upper-level systems Ethernet VDS (TCP/IP), FAST/TOOLS (TCP/IP, DNP3, Modbus TCP), HIS (Vnet/IP via gateway)
other vendor SCADA systems (OPC, DNP3, Modbus TCP)
Serial (RS-232, RS-422/485) FAST/TOOLS (Modbus RTU/ASCII), Other vendor SCADA systems (Modbus RTU/ASCII, DNP3)
Other devices Ethernet FA-M3 (driver available), MELSEC (driver available), others (Modbus TCP)
Serial (RS-232, RS-422/485) FA-M3 (driver available), MELSEC (driver available), others (Modbus RTU/ASCII)
Fieldbus FOUNDATION™ fieldbus FOUNDATION fieldbus devices

FCJ controller applications are written in programming languages compliant with the IEC 61131-3 international standard, so users do not need to learn manufacturer-specific programming languages and can start engineering immediately.

IEC 61131-3 Compliant Programming Languages

Concise applications can be developed by choosing the most suitable programming language for each application or the preference of the user from five IEC 61131-3 compliant languages including Function Block Diagram, Ladder Diagram, and Sequential Function Chart. Loop control and sequence control can be coded within the same environment, further improving engineering efficiency.

Reuse of Programs

Engineering efficiency is improved by reusing the programmed and verified applications by using the following methods.

IEC 61131-3 compliant program allows your know-how to be encapsulated into reusable POU (Program Organization Units.) These POUs can be protected against user modification.

Network Template
Network Template, which is a code frame programmed by FBD, LD, ST or IL, makes reuse of program easier. Network Template is inserted into any applications and modified corresponding to applications.

Efficient Debugging

Software Wiring to Aid Debugging
Virtual wiring to input/output modules can be defined in the software, and so loop checks and testing of ladder sequences can be performed without actual inputs to the FCJ from a calibrator or test switches.

Simulator Functions for Efficient Development
The simulator functions simulate the control applications of the FCJ on a PC. Since this function does not require FCJ hardware, control applications can be developed simultaneously by two or more engineers. Alternatively, applications can be developed and debugged separately from applications running on FCJ. 

Quick troubleshooting is the key to increasing the availability of the systems. From trouble shooting to the replacement of modules, STARDOM helps people on site perform simple maintenance procedures.

Troubleshooting on site

Expert engineers in the central control room can remotely check the CPU status on Web pages on the FCJ.

Online Download

Online Download

Your application can be modified without interfering your process. By using online download functions on Logic Designer, application running on dual redundant CPUs is automatically synchronized and variables on the applications can be inherited.

A TCP/IP based network enables a seamless connection with control and information networks using COTS network components, and also allow the easy adaption of controllers for use with narrow bandwidth network infrastructure including public telephone lines, GSM/GPRS, satellite, and radio.

Yokogawa System Integration

STARDOM controllers act as Yokogawa DCS controllers via gateway. From a single window on the Yokogawa DCS HMI, operators enjoy seamless and transparent access to all the utilities on these different systems, with complete consolidation of all alarms.

Yokogawa System Integration

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In addition to the environment for executing loop and sequence control, STARDOM autonomous controllers have an embedded Web server and an operation environment for Java applications, so STARDOM can autonomously transmit information on Web browser and via E-mail. The STARDOM can provide the monitoring and operation function by itself for the equipment.

InfoWell : Product Line of Information Transmission Portfolios

InfoWelll is a product line consisting of several application portfolios (APPF) for remote monitoring. It is the best replacement for PC-based monitoring systems. By using InfoWell, both control and remote monitoring are combined in one controller with minimum investment.
Robust hardware keeps logging files and report files inside over a long period so that worrying about PC failures and OS updates is no longer necessary. Real-time data and alarms are also monitored on Web browsers and alarms are sent via e-mail.

InfoWell consists of the following portfolios

  • Web Application Portfolio
  • Logging Portfolio
  • Graphic Portfolio
  • E-mail Application Portfolio

Remote monitoring system: InfoWell 

STARDOM capability of establishing connections to a various network types results in big cost reduction for the customers. Networkability of STARDOM autonomous controllers designed for the hazardous area shows absolute advantage in the various applications requiring remote monitoring and operation.

Suitable Network Architecture for COTS Network Infrastructure

STARDOM autonomous controllers are suitable for the geographically distributed area since software architecture is highly independent and control network easily adapts to the COTS network infrastructure.

Network Installation Records for Various Networks

Customers have already installed STARDOM autonomous controllers to a wide range of applications under various network infrastructures. 


Network Type Application Name
Wireless GPRS/GSM

Power meter reading (Power)
Heat and CO2 custody transfer system (Power)
Water pipeline leak management system (Water)
Automatic custody transfer system for cryogenic gas by truck delivery (Chemical)
Water dispensing bays control (Mining)
Environmental monitoring (Others)
VSAT (Satellite) Pipeline operation (Oil & Gas)
Wellhead monitoring (Oil & Gas)
Radio Link Gas development management system (Oil & Gas)
Oil platform - offshore CO2 metering (Oil & Gas)
Tram data (signals, points, location, etc) logging (Others)
Power metering and distribution control (Power)
Control system in the wells cellulose production line (Paper)
Wired ADSL+VPN Oil collecting station (Oil & Gas)
Co-generation utility monitoring (Oil & Gas)
Cryogenic gas control and custody transfer (LNG)
Water pipeline leak management system (Water)
Water treatment plant monitoring and controlling pumps (Water)
PSTN Cryogenic gas control and custody transfer (LNG)
Water gate valve control (Water)
Water pipeline leak management system (Water)
ISDN Co-generation utility monitoring (Oil & Gas)
Leased Line Gas district cooling - chilled water monitoring (Oil & Gas)



As the demand for food is increasing worldwide, fertilizers are playing an essential role in improving agricultural productivity. OCI Nitrogen (hereinafter OCI) is a leading producer of mineral fertilizers and the world's largest producer of melamine, which is used to make adhesives and resins for a wide range of applications, such as furniture panels, laminate flooring, coatings, paints, and plastics.

  • STARDOM and FAST/TOOLS integrated SCADA solution for Indian Oil Corporation's multiproduct oil pipeline.
  • STARDOM facilitates the total visualization of data needed for safe and reliable pipeline operations.
  • Uninterrupted Medical Oxygen Production with FAST/TOOLS Monitoring.
  • Audits are performed periodically, requiring traceability and the keeping of historical records for all batch production activities.
  • Reliable monitoring and control system of the world's first, 16" seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) membrane desalination plant.
  • Accurate measurements of the SWRO parameters with Yokogawa conductivity meters, pH meters, and magnetic flow meters contribute to a longer SWRO membrane life and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.
Sprawozdania techniczne Yokogawy

We have developed the "Econo-Pilot" energy-saving system for water pumps, which reduces the power consumption of motors for water supply. In the energy-saving control field, the conventional method used is that of constant pressure control of the water supply with inverters.

Sprawozdania techniczne Yokogawy

The reverse osmosis (RO) membrane is in use today as a main component of water filtering equipment, because it has a fairly high performance record in removing various impurities such as salt from water. Especially in isolated islands and desert regions where there is no other choice but to utilize seawater as the only water resource, the RO membrane is an indispensable component of the RO module for water purification systems.

Sprawozdania techniczne Yokogawy

One solution packaged for production control systems today is a system comprising a PLC and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software that runs on a PC. An advantage of these systems is that they can be configured at considerably lower cost than systems that use dedicated devices as they use commercially available PCs.

Sprawozdania techniczne Yokogawy

The process industry in Japan faces increasingly critical environmental and safety issues. Additionally, in Japan, many skilled engineers with years of experience will be retiring in 2007. Although the process industries such as petroleum, petrochemical, steel and paper, etc., are highly automated, human skill is still required in an abnormal situation or for a critical production change.

Sprawozdania techniczne Yokogawy

The engineering phase holds the largest ratios in control system configuration in terms of both time and money, so improving engineering efficiency is one of the biggest issues when it comes to system integration. In the STARDOM, Application Portfolios (APPF) are devised to dramatically slash engineering costs and increase software reliability.

Sprawozdania techniczne Yokogawy

As the world's societies become more connected, market competition is becoming more ruthless and transactions are performed at ever increasing speeds. Deregulation has ignited global competition throughout the world. The proliferation of Information and Internet technologies have accelerated the growth of global competition, with life cycles for high tech products having lives measured in "dog years" (in each normal year they advance seven years).

Sprawozdania techniczne Yokogawy

We have developed the FCN (field control node) and FCJ (field control junction) autonomous controllers as the core of STARDOM, a solution that actualizes a network-based control system (NCS) Yokogawa proposes for increased production efficiency.

Sprawozdania techniczne Yokogawy
New Progress of Control System

Yokogawa proposed the VigilantPlant concept as an ideal plant that achieves fully optimized operation where all the necessary information is given to all the operators involved in the plant operation. In VigilantPlant, operators are able to quickly respond to changes in the external environment while the production activities run without any interruption.

Sprawozdania techniczne Yokogawy

In recent years, energy demand is tending to increase year by year due to economic growth in emerging countries. To help protect the global environment, renewable energy sources such as wind power, solar power and geothermal heat are attracting attention as alternative power sources to fossil fuel.

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